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Metro Train Branding

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Metro Train Branding,Metro Trains Advertising in Kolkata Metro, Mumbai Metro. Metro wrap ads are available with Delhi Metro, Bangalore Metro. MyHoardings provide the Best rates for Metro Advertising.

Metro Train Branding | Metro Trains Advertising

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One might presume metro train advertising and railway advertising as synonyms but they are not. Metro train advertising differs from railway train advertising in terms of approach, target audience and location. Currently, India has metro trains operating in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi, Lucknow, Gurugram and Hyderabad.  The network of metro train is on the rise and soon more cities will have metro trains owing to the growing public demand. For advertisers any site that has high footfall is lucrative for brand promotion as it solves the purpose of reaching diverse audience.

Ad placements in metro trains

Metro station offer advertisers ample space for putting up posters, billboards, banners and digital screens. However, advertising inside metro trains needs careful planning as it has limited options like:

  • Train Wraps: With train wraps, the advertisers can run the advertisement along the entire length of the metro train. It is certainly impactful as during the train arrival or during the dwell time, the advertisement on the train gets the prime attention of the travellers.
  • Inside the train -panel advertising: The side panels of metro train are also used as advertising space. The size of the ad is in proportion with panel of the trains. They also attract eyeballs as while standing or sitting inside metro, a passenger inevitably looks at the ads.
  • Metro doors: Ads are also placed on the metro doors on both sides but they shall not cover the viewing glasses as this is not allowed by the authorities.
  • Metro train holders: Advertisers can also place their ads on the holders of metro train. Any passenger standing or sitting will not miss the precise communication message placed here as they are either holding them for support or they fall under their view when on seat.
  • Digital screens: Apart from these conventional methods, digital screens are also being put up inside the metro trains for enhanced communication with the target audience.
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Metro Branding @ Indian Cities

Rising demand of metro train advertising

Metro train advertising is high on demand for the very fact that metro trains observe high foot fall. Metro train is considered as life line of any city. People see metro trains as a comfortable, affordable and easy mode of transportation. While travelling, passengers are in a relaxed state and receptive to communication.  Therefore, ads displayed on metro trains are well received by target audience than other outdoor advertising mediums.  The demand of metro train advertising is one the rise because:

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  • Greater reach and visibility
  • Metro train Advertisers can target different age-groups, gender, home makers, professionals, office-goers and people from all stratus of society at one place.
  • Metro train offer ad mobility. The ads attract eye-balls from the entire route of the metro, thereby meeting the purpose of brand awareness and brand recall through metro train ads.
  • Metro train advertising attracts the target audience naturally. This kind of advertising is well received because it does not poses itself as forceful advertising rather it makes its presence fell through visually appealing creative and precise communication message.

Metro-trains have become an indispensable part of peoples’ life especially of those living in metro cities. For commuters these trains offer comfortable ride while for advertisers metro-trains offer lucrative environment for impactful advertising.


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