Tue. Aug 11th, 2020


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Delhi Airport will now have a new programmatic DOOH media infrastructure

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Delhi Airport will now have a new programmatic DOOH media infrastructure

Programmatic DOOH media infrastructure take new leap at Delhi Airport-

In a pathbreaking step to bring uniqueness to the media and broadcasting industry, TIMDAA, the leading advertising agency for the Delhi Airport, has partnered up with Lemma to launch a pDOOH platform at the airport. TIMDAA, an OOH company of the Times Group, is in charge of the advertising and communication of the Delhi Airport. Furthermore, Lemma is the pioneer in the field of programmatic digital out-of-home media. The company has revolutionized the way Indians look at advertising and broadcasting.

Courtesy this partnership, the Delhi airport will now have programmatically controlled digital media platforms. The pDOOH platform will control all the purchased digital media platforms in the airport programmatically. Not only will this increase the efficiency of ads but they also will be able to affect the target audiences. Having a pDOOH platform in the largest airport in the country will change the way people perceive advertisements. This will also lead the way to bring innovation and effectiveness among the other media options.

The demographics of the passengers and the traffic at the airport will ensure that the passengers experience premium ad viewing experience. Besides these, the pDOOH platform can also be used for contextual advertising initiatives. The Delhi Airport totals around 6 million flyers on a monthly basis. Consequently, the effectiveness of these kinds of initiatives will always be more fruitful than conventional OOH media options. This is because the display of the ads will also consider other factors like the frequency of flights in a day, the demographics of the passengers, etc. in a programmatically controlled broadcast. Therefore, these will be more effective to take the image and message of the brand to its probable future buyers.

So, the partnership of TIMDAA and Lemma has brought forth the idea of deeper interaction between the brands and the audience.