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Advertise on the India’s top rated apps to pump up your sales!

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App Advertising in India | Advertising on Top rated applications, mobile application advertising

From the times we have entered the android versions of our pones we are hooked to installing applications that take us to things, places and people we are searching for. As beneficial these applications are for the consumer’s personal usage, so they are for, brands too. Products and services of any brand can implement in-app advertising to grab the audience’s attention while they are using a certain app. App advertising is the most impactful way to target your customers, in the era of digitalization.

Now, the question is which apps to advertise on, when there are millions of app on the board. Here are, India’s top  most used apps that can be used for in-app advertising:

  1. Instagram
  • Category: Promotes social networking through photos and videos. Facebook is the parent company, woks on both Android and iOS platforms. MyHoardings is the best media agency to deal with advertisers.
  • 800 million+ active users worldwide.
  • 15million + business profiles worldwide.
  • 43% Female users and 31% Male users.
  • 46% urban users, 35% Sub-Urban users and 21% rural users.
  • 1/3rd viewed Instagram Stories are from business.
  • 60% users discover new products through Instagram stories.
  • 75% users take action.

How does a Brand benefits from Instagram Advertising?

  • Extensive brand exposure the series of images or product videos shared in the form of Instagram stories.
  • Pushes website traffic as the Instagram stories induce ‘call to action’.
  • Generated new leads.

What kinds of advertisements are used for Instagram advertising for best results?

  • Banner ads
  • Short video
  • Image or Series of Images
  • Paid ads on the profiles of popular Instagram users like celebrities, social activists, health care units, shopping brands etc.
  • Organic content displayed on the brand’s Instagram pages itself.
  1. True caller
  • Mobile application, works on both iOS and Android platform.
  • True caller is essentially a caller ID and spam blocking application that identifies calls from unknown numbers.
  • +200million users worldwide with 500million app installs.
  • 2 Billion Monthly searches.
  • 3billion searchable numbers.
  • 10Billion spam calls identifies or blocked per month.

How does a brand benefits from True Caller advertising?

  • Enhances brand exposure.
  • Product and service ads reach diverse audience.
  • The brands can also specifically target desired audience on the basis of device used, location, and time of the day, gender, income, language and behavior.
  • True caller app is used by customers from various segments such as beauty and fashion, travel brands, home and retail estate, auto, lifestyle and entertainment, transport, finance and shopping brands.

What kinds of advertisements are used for True Caller advertising for best results?

  • Rectangular banner ads that appear after call screen.
  • The leader board, rectangular or tower ad can either run on site or can be placed on home page or inside page of the app.
  • Clickable ads which lead to the brand’s website.
  1. DailyHunt
  • News aggregator and Indian Content application, offered on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Offers content in 14 Indian languages.
  • +160 million app installs
  • Offers 100000 new articles in different languages.
  • +250 million users
  • A leading news app in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.
  • Mostly downloaded and used by young adults that falls in the age group of 25-34.
  • 75% male users and 25% Female users.

How does a brand benefits from Daily hunt app advertising?

  • As Daily hunt app delivers content in regional languages, a brand can utilize this feature to create Brand awareness across its consumer spread across the entire country.
  • Daily hunt offers various advertising models such as CPC, CPM, CPl and CPL which can be adopted by brands to push brand’s website traffic.

What kinds of advertisements are used for Daily hunt app advertising for best results?

  • Standard banner
  • Oreo banner
  • Interstitial banner
  • Masthead banner
  1. Zomato
  • A popular Indian Restaurant aggregator and food delivery app.
  • +12,000 restaurants are already advertising on Zomato.
  • Zomato offer services to 24 countries and 10,000 + cities all over the world.
  • 4 million Restaurants are listed on Zomato.
  • 100 million+ monthly active foodies.
  • 90billion monthly visits.
  • One of the most popular food and beverages app in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon etc.

How does a brand benefits from Zomato app advertising?

  • As Zomato is a leading food app, the brands can easily drive traffic to their website through in-app or website adverting.
  • Zomato has huge customer base with diverse audience on the board. The brands can choose the location, time, age group etc to target the desired the audience through Zomato app or website advertising.
  • Zomato also offers various analytical tools the track the performance of your advertisements and their outcome. This enables the brands to customize their campaign to get the desired results from Zomato advertising.

What kinds of advertisements are used for Zomato app advertising for best results?

  • Zomato website and app advertising offers banner ads.
  • The banner ads can be in the form of images or videos that will be placed on the Zomato website or app.
  • The brands can choose from the placement page options such as run on site or home page or movie page.
  • The shape of the ads can also be in various forms such as leader board banner, tower or rectangle banner.

FAQs for Influencer Marketing in India

The success of influencer marketing is so much more than financial gains and sales drives. The brands can grow in multiple ways if they reach out to social media influencers for branding. For instance, new brand faces and ambassadors, greater brand awareness and outreach, pocket-friendly marketing campaign, production of engaging and relatable content, and SEO boost are a few of the most common outcomes of an influencer marketing campaign.

Influencers are real people with whom the audiences strongly engage and relate. Therefore, when influencers sponsor the brands, they can achieve brand relativity among them. Rather than endorsing the brand blankly, influencers review the brand, share their opinion, and create engaging content for people. Consequently, people find these types of sponsored content way more enlightening than TV ads.

Viewers related more to sponsored content by influencers than brand endorsements by celebrities as the influencers are relatable people. People see the influencers as real-life people than stars which induces a certain degree of trust between the viewers and influencers. Also, as influencers interact with their followers so people find them way more approachable than celebrities.

Influencer marketing campaigns reach out to the respective followers of influencers who mostly are present on various social media platforms. Therefore, you can reach out to mainly the youth of the country with influencer marketing campaigns. So, the Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Z people are the usual followers of influencers across various social media channels.

Social media influencers generally charge money for brand deals. Very few agree for compensation with brand products and services. Brand products are usually sent to the influencers so that they can review them and create content accordingly. Since influencers run their businesses through social media, it is only appropriate to pay them for their time and efforts.

Each influencer has their follower base on a specific social media platform. So, not all brand content makes it through all social media channels. For instance, if an influencer is more famous on Instagram, they will likely post the ad on Instagram. However, they may mention the ad on their other social media platforms as well. To know which influencer resonates more on which social media channel, you can visit

Yes. Surely, influencer campaigns can be run as part of larger audience outreach. It is proven that running an influencer campaign in tandem with other digital marketing programs has increased the audience response and sales manifold. You can reach out to us to learn more about integrated marketing campaigns.

Launching an influencer marketing campaign requires quite a lot of preparations. Along with initial research, you need to make sure that you reach out to the right influencer for producing relatable content and consequently, bigger outreach. However, this can be a time-taking process. So, you can hire experts who will find the right kind of influencers who will the right find your brand. MyHoardings provides affordable rates in influencer branding. You can reach out to us at (+91) 99538-47639.

There are two ways of getting started with influencer marketing – you can either do it yourself or hire an advertising agency to take care of the deal. However, most of the brands go for third-party advertising agencies to cut downtime and clutter, thus saving money in the process. To know more about influencer marketing in detail, you can write to us at

Since there are three types of influencer marketing campaigns, prices vary. Costs are usually the least for hiring micro-influencers, in the medium range for macro-influencers and the highest for celebrity influencers. To get a detailed rate chart of all the influencers, you can log in to our website at

Influencer marketing is a strong and effective digital marketing tool. Followers usually swear by the opinions of the influencers. As a result, influencer advertising has steadily outperformed other media options like banner ads. Smaller brands, therefore, find great reliability in influencer advertising. Also, influencer marketing is a low-risk option of investing in advertising as it produces guaranteed results.

Yes, usually the tech Influencers are provided the newly launched products which they use, analyze and provide their supportive inputs on their social media platforms.

No. Celebrity endorsements are different from ‘influencer marketing’ as influencers have smaller audience outreach than celebrities. These people have the largest number of followers and are famous people in their respective fields. On the other hand, brand association with celebrities adds to the brand value and brand image. Influencers mainly target a niche audience with their content whereas celebrities reach out to a much wide audience base.