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How to post an advertisement on Truecaller?

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Truecaller App Advertising, App Advertising, Banner Ads on Truecaller Ads

We are all synonymous with ‘Truecaller’. The mobile application is the most preferred global telephone directory and is also the most famous mobile dialer in the country. But mostly, the application is used to identify unknown callers and to block spam calls. Thus Truecaller App Advertising promises you a safer and more efficient way to communicate with people. Because of its popularity, advertisers have now recently started to understand and measure the digital advertising capabilities of the app.

Launch an audience-targeted Campaign with Truecaller App Advertising

The company claims to have more than 250 million users worldwide with more than 150 million users in India alone. So, with Truecaller you can reach a wide demographics of audiences with just a single digital ad. Besides this, Truecaller gives you the advantage of running audience-targeted campaigns. For instance, by advertising on Truecaller, you will be able to diversify your reach based on the following:

1. Device:

  • The interface of the device or its operating system
  • The telecom provider
  • Handset company
  • Targeting the Custom Segments

2. Time of the day:

  • The hour of a day
  • The day of a week (for instance: weekdays or weekends)

3. Location:

  • City, State, or Country
  • Customizing a region to target an audience
  • Targeting the consumer base along the radius of a point or a specific location (Geo-fencing)

4. User Profile or preferences:

  • Targeting behavioral patterns
  • The demographics of a group of people – their gender, age, language, and income
  • Targeting mobile numbers

TrueCaller App Advertising, Mobile App Branding, Banner Display Ads

Therefore, by Truecaller App Advertising, you will be able to explore the application’s diverse customer-tapping ability. The flexibility of the outreach services of the app will give your brand the perfect launchpad that it needs to be noticed in the competitive market. Along with this, very few other medium or mobile applications promise an exposure of nearly 100 million viewers on a daily basis. The affordability of advertising in this medium will allow you to run an extensive advertising campaign for a substantial period of time. Thus advertising on Truecaller not only takes the word of your brand far and wide but also helps you keep a close check of your expenditures.

So, take your branding game to new heights by choosing Truecaller as your next advertising platform.