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Advertising on Bhojpuri TV Channels

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Advertising on Bhojpuri Channel. tv ads, bhojpuri ad campaign

Television advertising is, arguably, one of the most preferred and popular forms of advertising. Audio and visual content always has a deeper impact on people. For years, ad films have been the main advertising media for branding purposes. They have a huge impact on affecting consumer purchase choices as people see their favorite celebrities endorsing a brand. Advertising on Bhojpuri Channel can be an effective way for promotion.

Another reason for the popularity of television advertising is its cheaper costs. In India, the rates of television advertising are quoted per 10 sec. This means that you can keep a close check on the costs of branding by regulating the ad length. Additionally, there are advertising agencies too who specialize in getting cheaper ad deals. And there are thousands of television channels – national, regional, and local. You can determine your target audience and broadcast your ads accordingly. Usually, popular brands opt for national and regional TV broadcasts while the local businesses go for cable channels. This means that television advertising gives you the opportunity to reach out to the mass through a single medium.

Top 5 TV Channels to advertise your brand in India

TV Channel Name Genre
Star SportsSports
Aaj TakNews

Talking of regional channels, advertising on regioal channels is one influential way to advertise in the eastern part of the country. The average weekly views of a Bhojpuri Channel ranges from 10000 to over a lakh. Therefore, the scope of brand outreach through these channels is massive. And the biggest advantage of branding on Bhojpuri TV channels is that you can reach out to audiences of all income groups. Besides these, the states of Bihar and Jharkhand are promising upcoming consumer markets. People are more conscious of brands and advertising now than before. So, an advertising stint at the most popular media platform is bound to get your brand noticed.

Therefore, boost your brand sales and generate greater ROI by indulging in TV advertising on Bhojpuri channels.

Leading sports TV channels in India

Channel NameWeekly Viewership (In Millions)SD/HD Availability
Sony Ten 364Yes
Sony Ten 145Yes
Star Sports Hindi37Yes
Sony Six29Yes
Star Sports First17Yes