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Advertising on AMTS buses in Ahmedabad

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Advertising on AMTS buses in Ahmedabad

With over a million passengers availing the bus services every day, Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS) plies throughout the city. AMTS is one of the most recognized forms of transportation in the city. The bus service is operated by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation for the easy mobility of the people in the city. Consequently, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation plans to roll out more than 1000 buses in the next few months. This endeavor will help to cater to the increasing need for passenger traffic in the metropolis. As a result, advertising on the AMTS buses will be more efficient in the upcoming months.

Target audience for Advertising on AMTS buses

The target audience comprises of students, homemakers, businessmen, and working professionals.

Therefore, the AMTS buses will be the ideal canvas for building the perfect brand image and for product display. Besides this, with external surface branding on the buses, the branding initiative will cater to a wider bandwidth of audiences. This is because the surface area of the bus allows an advertiser to showcase his/ her brand in each of the three directions of a bus. These buses will be plying between different parts of the city for 16 hours a day. So, AMTS bus branding will ensure that you can easily target select geographies and target groups, which were otherwise tough to reach out to.

Hence, AMTS bus branding gives you the rare opportunity to reach out to people across all socio-economic backgrounds in the former capital city of Gujarat.