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Try The Unconventional approach, Try Post Office advertising

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Digitalization has made things like entertainment, communication, and networking very fast, convenient, and cheap. However, few things that are still functional since old times and are considered most credible and authentic means of communication are post-office services. Post office advertising can be effective to reach the consumers interactively.

Postal-services have their network all over the country and it might be hard to believe but people visit post-offices in their areas at least once a month. Services like Aadhar card updating, stamping services, bill collection, form distribution and other government schemes are conducted at the post-offices that make the local audience visit the post-office once in a month.

Digital screens, Led panels, digital scroll, help-desk ads are few of many ways that can make post-office advertising an innovative measure to reach a definite target audience.

Types of DOOH Ad screens available for promotion in India.

  • RoadSide Billboard

    DOOH Screens on Roadside


  • 02


    Digital Billboards inside Restaurants

    Digital Billboards inside Restaurants

  • Lift Lobby DOOH Displays

    Lift Lobby DOOH Displays



How post office advertising is effective in today’s time:

  • Post-offices are visited by rural audience at least once in a month.
  • The age group that visits the post-office is generally above 50. This is the audience with real spending power.
  • Employees of different companies who visit post office for sending important letters or papers of information. This is the audience looking products and services that are cost-effective.
  • Small-business owners often visit post-offices for stamping and mailing of letters, government papers etc. The business owners are looking for opportunities, equipment and offers that can push their business to higher level.

How to capture the audience at the post-office?

  • Get yourself noticed: The audience standing in the queue is waiting to get distracted, so anything like a catchy slogan, a captive video or celebrity small-talk can result into high engagement and powerful brand retention.
  • Develop familiarity: Create brand familiarity by playing ads on repeat on the LED screens at the post-office. Using brand logos on the stationary, help desks, entrance gates etc. too help the audience to get familiar with the brand appearance and voice.
  • Deliver the need: Playing ads of products that are time-saving, locally available, enhance life-style and are budget friendly attract audience quickly.
  • Local-targeting: Local-brands can heavily benefit by advertising at the post-offices. Banners, flyers, pamphlets and digital ads are few effective ways for creating brand awareness.
  • Flexible approach: By choosing the days and time-slots for post-office advertising, brands can narrow down the target audience and customize their brand message accordingly. For instance, during the lunch time, ads that can benefit the post-office employees can be played.

Which brands are best suited for post office advertising?

  • Time-saving products.
  • Local-business.
  • Government services.
  • Grocery stores.
  • Health care facilities.
  • Insurance services.
  • Banking services.
  • Festive discounts and offers.

OOH (out -of-home) advertising brings us unconventional advertising options such as Post-office advertising. Implementing latest advertising tools such as digital screens, led panels, Wi-Fi advertising etc can benefit both the brands and the consumers!