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Advertising on Metro Pillars in Kolkata

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Advertising on Pillar

Advertising on Metro Pillars in Kolkata

The main purpose of advertising a brand, product or service is that the communication message is received by maximum audience through one or more media channels. One such medium that delivers brand message to masses are metro pillars. Metro pillars are huge, broad and elevated and therefore, any advertising material placed at these pillars provide visibility form a large distance and is also visible to large number of audience at once. Metro pillars run alongside the metro line. They act as foundation for metro track passing over these pillars.

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal, it is also known as the cultural capital of India. Kolkata is also the seventh most populated city of India. Kolkata has metro train system of 33 metro stations, connecting the city from all directions. The metro line can function effectively as an advertising medium owing to the metro pillars that give support to the metro track. As metro covers man areas of the city, these metro pillars too run along the busiest routes of the city.  The placement of the metro pillars is such that people halting at traffic light signals get exposed to the advertising message placed on these metro pillars.

Advantages of advertising on metro pillars in Kolkata

  • Kolkata has 33 operational metro stations covering the major parts of the city.
  • It has daily ridership of 7, 00,000 people.
  • During special occasions like the ‘Durga Puja’, the ridership doubles.
  • The metro pillars fall in series format which provide repeated exposure to the audience.
  • The metro pillar ads are placed in large format and have bright colours. This type of ad copy is visible from afar which helps in expanding the visibility of the brand message.
  • Metro pillars are at metro stations, at parking lots and on roads; this makes metro pillar advertising accessible to wide audience.
  • Any advertising campaign launched through metro pillar advertising activates high brand recall due to repeated exposure.
  • It also triggers brand familiarity as daily riders such as office commuters, college students and metro staff gets exposed to the metro pillar advertising on daily basis.
  • Metro train advertising is appropriate for standard and premium brands who aim at creating brand awareness for mass audience.

Kolkata is populated as well as popular city when it comes to rich culture, it attracts tourist from all over the world. As a metro city too, Kolkata is well organised and a progressive city. The metro system of Kolkata acts as life line especially for the local commuters. The city already has 33 metro stations and the metro line is expanding rapidly observing the needs of the localities. There are 26 planned and 35 under construction metro stations in Kolkata. More the metro stations more will be the number of metro pillars and   greater will be the opportunity for the brands to reach their target audience.

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