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E-Rickshaw Advertising In Delhi

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e-Rickshaw Advertising in Delhi

From Malls to multi-storeyed buildings to narrow lanes of Chandani Chawk in Old Delhi, this dynamic city has it all. But if you are wondering how you will get the essence of the Old-Delhi without getting stuck in heavy traffic then the modern and most convenient solution to this is the E-rickshaw rides. Yes! One can see e-rickshaws waiting for riders at most prominent and congested areas of the city. These three-wheelers make way to lanes and local areas where cars and buses fail to reach. E-rickshaw rides are cheap and comfortable and therefore most-loved ride of local travelers.

E-Rickshaws are spacious as compared to the traditional hand pulled rickshaws, they make-up for an excellent advertisement carrier units. Outdoor advertising can be easily practiced at popular places of Delhi through E-Rickshaw advertising.

How E-rickshaws work as independent outdoor advertising units?

When a brand chooses outdoor advertising through e-rickshaws, they can categorically select places and localities where the target audience gets exposed to the E-rickshaw advertising directly. For instance, a home loan brand can select residential areas to advertise itself through e-rickshaw ads. The brand can select a fleet of e-rickshaws and scatter them in selected areas to make the ad go live for all day.

Where is the ad placed in an E-Rickshaw?

E-rickshaw is very spacious; it has side panels and back panel available for displaying ads. The brands can get their ads printed on a flex sheet fixed over a wooden frame. This frame is mounted over both the sides and back of the e-rickshaw. The wooden frames are lightweight yet durable and therefore do not interrupt the view or hamper the mobility of the e-rickshaw. The ads are usually mounted on e-rickshaws which have a space of approximately 6 sq ft. The wooden frame size is usually of 3Wx2H ft.

What are the benefits of advertising through E-Rickshaw in Delhi?

  • E-rickshaws are first choice of local travelers.
  • People usually take e-rickshaw rides for short distances; therefore, repeat exposure is high. For instance E-rickshaw stands at bus stop and metro stations, offer repeat visibility to daily commuters.
  • Both pedestrians and riders can see the ad displayed on the e-rickshaw.
  • The ad displayed on the e-rickshaw can be seen for a distance as the ad copy is short, crisp and in bright colours. Thus offering maximum visibility to the ad.
  • The ad is live at various locations and all the time, making the brand message accessible to maximum target audience.
  • Through e-rickshaw advertising the brands can trigger high brand recall and brand reinforcement.
  • E-rickshaw advertising is the most cost-effective outdoor advertising as compared to other forms such as hoardings, billboard, digital screens etc.

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Delhi is a city where outdoor advertising through e-rickshaw can work wonders as the city has numerous residential localities, central markets, metro stations, bus stands, railway stations, and schools etc where e-rickshaw ridership is very high. Therefore, implementing e-rickshaw advertising at most popular places in Delhi will reap high ROI for any local or global brand.

Types of Transit Vehicle Branding

Vehicle TypeAd Rate / MonthMin. Ad duration
Auto50003 month
Cab40001 month
Mobile Van70. 0001 week