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Mumbai’s Black and Yellow Taxi Top Advertising

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Mumbai resonates with Bollywood, night life and the trademark black and yellow taxis. These taxis have been the identity of Mumbai since ages. These taxis have unique connection with the city; we have seen them running on the Mumbai roads, in the movies and stuck in heavy traffic jams. The memory and association of these kalli-peeli taxis and Mumbaikars is unbreakable. This bond can function as an opportunity for advertisers to display their ads on these taxis and connect with their target audience. These taxis run all over the Mumbai and can ad wheels to a brand’s advertisement too.

Why advertise on black and yellow taxis in Mumbai?

  • Impressive ridership: As the signature black and yellow cabs run all over Mumbai, their ridership is very high. They can be turned into moving market place for the audience.
  • Multiple ad-placement option: These cabs provide advertising options such as roof-top advertising and external door advertising. They offer enough space for brands to showcase their product and message. The backlit panels provide clutter free ad visibility as the ad is above the vehicle levels and cab be viewed from a distance easily. The backlit panels make ads look bright at night time so that the illuminated ads are exposed to maximum audience even at night hours.
  • 24×7 Exposure: As taxis or cabs run around the city all day and night, they expand the brand’s visibility and reach much higher than any other outdoor advertising medium.
  • Location advantage: Be it taxi stands, heavy traffic jams or prime areas of the city, these black and yellow taxis run all over Mumbai, thus providing location advantage to the brand. If the taxi is standing at a railway station, at central market area or at the airports waiting for the passengers, the ad automatically attracts attention of both riders and pedestrians of all the location it passes through.
  • Hyper local advertising: Taxi advertising is one in all outdoor advertising medium that captures multi dimensional audience. Through taxi ads the brands can implement hyper local advertising easily. For instance, if the brand wishes to capture south Mumbai audience, it can make the ads available on the fleet of black and yellow ‘sharing cabs’. These cabs run all over South Mumbai and follow a designated route. They run in form of shuttle services from railway stations to heavily populated areas such as market place, business complex, malls and residential areas. This enables brands to practice hyper-local advertising through taxi ads and create maximum impressions for the brand advertised.
  • Cost-effective: No other outdoor advertising medium can be as effective as taxi advertising as it perform multiple action of expanding brand’s visibility, reach, hyper-local targeting, mass targeting, creating brand impressions, building strong brand image , creating brand awareness and triggering high brand recall through a single medium.

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Which brands must engage in black and yellow taxi advertising in Mumbai?

Brand that can make the most of black and yellow taxi advertising in Mumbai include:

  • Brands that aim at mass targeting such as real estate brands, healthcare brands, banking and financial brands and educational institutes.
  • Local brands that wish to target local audience of Mumbai.
  • International and prime brands that wish to target the elite audience of Mumbai through taxi ads at airport, prime residential areas and business complexes.
  • E-commerce brands that wish to acquire multiple touch points at affordable advertising prices.

Car Advertising Rates | Cab Branding Cost in India

Car Advertising ModeMinimum No of CarsCar Ads Rate/Car/Month
External Door Wrap100₹ 4100
Internal Display100₹ 1300
Digital Screen100₹ 500