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Advertising Options On Metro Stations

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Advertising Options On Metro Stations

The metro is a fairly new phenomenon in most cities. In most of the towns in India, the network is being extended continuously. It has come as a boon to commuters who used to spend a lot of time stranded on clogged roads. Peak-hour traffic delays most of the office-goers. The metro rail provides a faster and more comfortable mode of transport to such people & Advertising options on metro stations is the best way to target audience easily.

How Is Advertising On Metro Stations Beneficial For Your Brand?

When your product ads are displayed on metro stations it attracts the attention of a large variety of consumers. The few minutes they spend on the station are enough to notice these ads. The crowd at stations is diverse and this means that your promotion reaches various segments of people and hence has a better chance for conversion. 

People who travel by metro use the same stations for boarding and alighting. This results in repeated exposure to your brand. This will help reinforce your product name and image in the minds of consumers. Many people make their purchases using their smartphones during their commute to and from the office. Seeing your brand at the station can result in immediate online sales. 

Different Media options for Advertising At Metro Stations

Metro stations offer various product promotion opportunities. This will meet the requirement of every brand and will be affordable to most companies. 

Metro Station Co-Branding

Many cities are now offering companies to co-brand different metro stations. The stations will have names that include the brand name. There will be mention of the brand every time someone boards a train from that station. Every signboard directing people to the station will carry the brand name also. There can be no bigger advertising option for companies

Station & Platform Walls

People spend time waiting on the platform for their train to arrive. Giant billboards on the walls of the station and platform will attract the attention of all the commuters. Seeing these ads regularly will make people remember your brand. When consumers are going to make a purchase your product name is sure to be the first to come to their minds. 

Metro Pillars

Another attractive option is the branding of pillars. Pillars inside the station and those supporting metro lines are available for branding. The corridors in the stations have pillars that people cannot avoid noticing. The supporting pillars on the roads will get the attention of road users also. Slow-moving traffic during peak hours will make people take notice of the advertisements. 

Platform Doors

Many metro stations across the country have installed screen doors to prevent passengers from accidentally falling on the rails. They open only when the train has stopped at the station. These doors provide an excellent medium for displaying ads. Commuters will see the ads when they wait for the doors to open and enter the trains. 

Summing Up

Apart from these attractive options on the stations, the metro also offers other attractive spots for your advertisements. There are various options for companies of any size and products catering to different consumer segments.