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Airline Boarding Pass and E-Ticketing Advertising

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2020 has been a tough year for everyone. We got struck by an unimagined situation and it was difficult for everyone to see beyond, as we were complete unprepared. Due to Covid-19 pandemic everything came to a halt.  National lock down made travelling difficult, but with new guideline and safety measures, domestic and  few international flights have resumed. Boarding Pass Advertising is a creative way to promote yourself quite wisely with MyHoardings.

Popular airlines like Indigo and Spice Jet have also resumed their services but with strict implementation of safety measures and following the guidelines laid by Indian government.  Amidst, the pandemic, advertisers have found an opportunity to reach their desired audience through E-Ticketing and Boarding pass advertising. Keeping the passengers’ safety as the top most priority, Spice Jet and Indigo airlines have specially insisted on contact less travel. To practice contact less travel flyers will have to book the flight online and generate e-ticket and initiate web-check-in to generate e-boarding pass. This procedure has been mandatory by both Spice Jet and Indigo airlines.

How do we reach the desired audience via e-ticketing and boarding pass advertising?

As flyers receive an e-mail of the e-ticket and boarding pass from the airline authorities when they book the flight via website or online portal or through travel agent, the brands get the opportunity to reach the audience during the process of the same.

  • The passengers are advised to carry a printed format of the e-ticket and boarding pass, this ensures that any advertisement on the same will receive 100% attention of the passengers.
  • This document is used at multiple touchpoints during the entire journey; this ensures repeat visibility of the advertisement printed on these documents.
  • As e-ticketing and web check-in is mandatory for all flyers of Spice Jet and Indigo, the brands can reach travellers of all classes be it general, leisure, corporate or premium travellers.

Where would the passengers see the advertisements?

The brands will get numerous opportunities to get undivided attention of the flyers at various points of interaction.

  • Confirmation E-mail: Once the booking is done, a confirmation mail is sent by the airline authorities to the passenger, this e-mail will carry the advertisement on the body of the e-mail.
  • PDF attachment banner: A PDF document is also sent to the passenger for print-out. The PDF attachment too will have brand’s banner ad displayed upfront.
  • Clickable banner: The banner ads, pop-up ads or any other audio-video ad that is displayed during the process of flight booking will be clickable. Once clicked, the banned ad will redirect the audience to the brand’s website.
  • Booking confirmation screens: Be it a customer’s mobile, desktop or a printable document, the brand’s ad will be predominantly shown on every screen and hard copy.
  • Print-out: The hard copy of the ticket and boarding pass carries the brand’s advertisement and there are multiple points where this print-out is used at the airport. This ensures that the passengers glance through the advertisement repeatedly.

What makes advertising with Spice Jet and Indigo airlines a highly profitable deal?

Spice Jet Facts and Figures:

  • Serves 30,000 passengers daily
  • More than 70 aircrafts serving 62 domestic and 12 international destinations.
  • A budgetary airline that is most-popular for its low-fare and convenient rides.
  • Post-Covid-19, 75% domestic flights are operational
  • Has market share of over 13%.

Indigo Airline Facts and Figures:

  • Operates 1500 flights on daily basis and carries over 1, 25,000 passengers daily.
  • Fleet of 284 aircraft, serves 87 destinations (63 domestic and 24 international).
  • It is also the largest airline in India by fleet size and number of passengers carried.
  • It carried over 6.4 million passengers in the financial year 2018-2019.
  • The airline documented a Boarding Pass Advertising in the domestic market has a share of 59.24% in August 2020.
  • Post-Covid-19, 75% domestic flights are operational.

The new guidelines laid by the Government of India for airlines, to ensure the safety of passengers have made it easier for the brands to pitch their brand message clearly. The e-ticketing and web-check-in procedures give the opportunity for brands to interact with their desired audience effectively. This interaction of brand with consumer itself, ensure high brand recall, strong brand image and powerful brand reinforcement.