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Ad Agency – Roles and Importance

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Ad agency role is very much important because advertising agencies are a window to the world of products and services. They are the bridge that connects consumers with brands. And so, an Ad agency plays a critical role in determining the success of a brand, and consequently, a company. MyHoardings is the best advertising agency in India to promote your brand or business.

Ad agency role involves designing, planning, and executing an advertising campaign. Also, agencies plan the hows and the whens of the advertising campaigns along with the locations of impact. To achieve this, each ad agency has a team of experts to strategize an effective advertising campaign globally for a particular brand. The market specialists and advertising experts assist the brands to connect with their customers and reach out to more people. The ad agencies operate free from any influence of organizations

Ad Agency Roles and Functions:

The functions of an ad agency have not changed much since the year 1786, the year when advertising came into being. They include:

  • Planning of a product-related advertising campaign;
  • Conducting regular surveys on companies, brands, the consumer market, and the demands of the customers;
  • Devising a scheme for the types of media to be used in a campaign;
  • Tabulating the details of the campaign like the time, location, and the duration of the advertising campaign;
  • Collecting and assessing feedback from both the clients and customers to study the present market.

One may argue that companies can do most of the above work themselves with their resources and capital. However, collaborating with an ad agency has its own perks. Some of them are:

  • Ad agencies have expertise and experience in the market situation and its requirements. Hiring an ad agency means that clients will get the best assistance from different professionals like art directors, copywriters, planners, etc.
  • Ad agencies are thoroughly professional and deliver the best services.
  • Collaborating with an ad agency means that clients can cut down unnecessary expenses, thus saving money.
  • Effective use of resources and time is enhanced through an ad agency.
  • Ad agencies put their best foot forward by optimizing their knowledge, experience, and their team.

Types of ad agencies:

Generally, there are 5 kinds of ad agencies.

  1. Full-service ad agencies:

    • Engage in all stages of advertisement
    • Big size agencies
    • Dedicated teams of experts for different departments
    • Look over all the sectors of an advertising campaign from gathering information and analyzing them to build a branding approach to paying the media personnel involved.

      2. Interactive agencies:

    • Use modern modes of interaction
    • Mostly engage in online advertisements, sending personal branding messages on mobile phones, etc.
    • Produce heavily creative, interactive, and innovative ads for target audiences.

      3. Creative Boutiques:

    • Tasked with creating a unique campaign
    • Engaged solely in the production of immensely creative and innovative ads
    • Small-sized ad agencies mostly handling the creative part of an advertising campaign with their own team of experts like directors, copywriters, etc.

      4. Media buying agencies:

    • Buy places and slots for advertisement and sells them to the concerned advertisers
    • In charge of selling the duration of time of a particular advertising media option
    • Engaged in selling TV and radio slots for advertising
    • Monitors the placement and broadcasting of ads telecasted.

      5. In-house agencies:

    • Are almost equal to the full-service ad agencies
    • Are preferred by big organizations and companies for branding and advertising purposes
    • Design their work approach solely based on the demands of these big organizations.

In this competitive consumer market, outreach is the road to a company’s popularity and success. It is the role of ad agency that takes the responsibility of making a brand saleable. Consequently, an ad agency makes the brands easily recognizable and presentable to the consumer base.