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Promote your Brands up in the Sky with Airline Advertising

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Airline Advertising,Inflight Magazine Advertising, Airline Advertising agency, How to advertise in Airlines like Indigo,SpiceJet,Go Air,Vistara

Airline Advertising – Frontier to target Salaried professionals / Business-men

Airline advertising is a part of out-of-home advertising where the brands try to reach the target audience who are travelling for work or leisure. Observing the current scenario it would be wrong to say that only affluent people opt for airline travels. Today, middle class families too have started travelling to far off places via airplanes. The rise in airline passengers is a result of lower travel fares, easy online ticket booking, availability of wide airline options to choose from and attractive travel packages offered by various travel and tourism websites.

What is the difference between airline and airport advertising?

Well, it might seem as no difference superficially but when you take a closer look at both, there is slight difference that separates airline and airport advertising on the basis of audience, ad placement and approach.

Airline advertising essentially refers to advertising collateral used inside the aircraft to lure the attention of the flyers seated in the plane. The audience here is settled, not moving and is spending the dwell time inside the plane to reach their destination.

List of Top Airports in India to Promote your Brand

Airport Name City
Chhatrapati Shivaji International AirportMumbai
Indira Gandhi International AirportDelhi
Kempegowda International AirportBangalore
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International AirportKolkata
Rajiv Gandhi International AirportHyderabad
Anna International AirportChennai
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International AirportAhmedabad
Goa International AirportGoa
Pune International AirportPune
Cochin International AirportKochi

What is the advertising collateral that can be used for airline advertising?

Airline Interior advertising options include:

  • In-flight Magazines: Highly recommended for B2B ads and luxury brand ads, as approximately 81% of flyers read in-flight magazines. The flyers are usually business people, high-income professionals and decision makers of the family. Domestic travellers spend at-least 30-40 minutes on reading the in-flight magazines. Creative aspect, high-end products and relatable content make the in-flight magazine ads unique and impactful. The flyers feel privileged to have seen ads of products and service which are not publicised on common media and therefore the tendency to act upon the same is more. It is believed that out of 10 people who read in-flight magazine, 7 act upon the content of it. Therefore, in-flight magazine is highly popular and reliable airline advertising medium.

Airline Advertising,Inflight Magazine Advertising, Airline Advertising agency, How to advertise in Airlines like Indigo,SpiceJet,Go Air,Vistara

List of in-flight magazines in India:

  • Indio                   : Hello 6E Domestic
  • Jet Airways        : Jetwings International
  • Air India            : Shubh Yatra
  • Vistara               : Vistara
  • Air Asia             : Travel  3Sixty
  • TruJet Airlines : TruJetter
  • Indigo                 :Hello 6E International
  • Spice jet              : Spiceroute
  • Go Air                 : Go Getter


Bulk Head advertising:

Bulk head is the partition that separates the different classes and sections of the plane. The Bulkhead is usually a wall but it can also be curtain/screen in short flights. Bulkhead advertising is head-on advertising and is at the eye-level of the flyers. This is very impactful means of Airline advertising as the eye-level ads draws instant attention. Be it in domestic or international flight, the bulkhead ads are hard to ignore. Moreover, they might be the first thing the flyers notice when they enter the aircraft.


In-flight magazine ads:

Magazine ads are booked on monthly basis, you can book ads for 15 days or less but most of the in-flight magazines charge for entire month regardless of the duration.

Seatback Inserts:

As the name suggests, seat back inserts refer to anything that is placed inside the pockets on the back side of the airplane seat. Advertisers can make use of these pockets to fill advertising material such as magazine, pamphlets, catalogues etc for the flyers on board. The seatback inserts never go untouched as flyers; pick something or the other from the seat back pocket to kill their dwell time.


Headrest cover:

Another advertising material that places itself at the eye-level of flyers is the head rest cover. The head rest covers are booked for a single brand and are placed on all the seats of the aircraft. The messages on the head rest cover usually have a logo or an image along with the brand name and tagline. The up-close communication of the brand leaves long lasting impression on the flyers’ minds.


Overhead bins:

Over head bin is space above the passenger seats. The space is used by the flyers to store their extra baggage like hand bag, suitcase, cabin bag etc. The overhead bins are used for placing ads in the form of attractive posters, the ads run throughout the flight for a single client.



Free samples of products are offered to flyers. They can use the product instantly and provide a feedback too. Sampling ensures that the audience get to try and feel the product which in turn helps the brands to connect with the audience on one to one basis and turn them into prospective buyers.


In-flight Video:

Airplanes usually have digital screens or tabs for in-flight entertainment which can be used by brands to display audio-video ads or banner ads on the screen. The video ads can be of 30-90sec duration.


Table tray/food tray ads:

Table tray ads are very impactful as every time the flyers pull down the table for food, the d will be right in front of them. The food tray ads can’t get ignored as the trays are pulled out at least twice in long hour flights and once in short duration flights.


Wi-Fi Branding:

As the flights have started to offer free Wi-Fi connection to the flyers on board, the brands can sponsor Wi-Fi portals to seek flyer’s attention. Be it smart phone, tabs or digital screens , everything relies on high-speed internet, so if brands choose to sponsor Wi-Fi portals they can ask the flyers to fill feedback forms, or ask for other vital information or play an un-skip able video in exchange of the Wi-Fi connection.

Airline Exterior Branding – 

  • Aircraft Wrap: Airline exterior branding refers to large, bold and bright ad on the exterior of the aircraft. The full body of airplane is wrapped under the brand ad. The large size and attractive colours attract the attention of audience at the airport, flyers boarding the airplane, pilots, ground staff and passengers of other airplanes.


The increase in airline traffic has fueled airline advertising as well. More and more brands seek airline advertising to extend the reach and visibility of the product or service. Airline branding acts as a reliable outdoor advertising tool to attract a specific set of audience.


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  • Airport Branding at Rajkot Airport in Gujarat
  • Airport Advertising at Birsa Munda Airport at Ranchi in Jharkhand
  • Airport Advertising at Umroi Airport at Shilong in Meghalaya
  • Airport Advertising at Silchar Airport in Assam
  • Airport Advertising at Surat Airport in Gujarat
  • Airport Branding at Tezpur Airport in Assam
  • Airport Advertising at Tirupati Airport in Andhra Pradesh
  • Airport Branding at Vadodara Airport in Gujarat

Airport Advertising rates in India / Cost of Airport Branding

Airport Media Type

Minimum Ad Duration

Rates / Month (* Onwards)


3 Days

₹ 30,000

DOOH Screens

1 Week

₹ 35,000

Luggage Trolley

1 Month

₹ 900

Conveyor Belts

1 Week

₹ 1,50,000

Display Boards

1 Week

₹ 90,000

Tarmac Coaches

1 Month

₹ 1,50,000