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Bus Shelter or Bus Stop OOH Advertising in Hyderabad

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Bus shelter or bus stop advertising is one of the most popular out-of-home advertising mediums and the digitization of the same has made it even more effective. Hyderabad is a high-tech city that is also known for its historical monuments like Charminar and Golconda Fort among others. A well-connected city by buses offers unmatched OOH advertising opportunities. Some of the most popular and busiest bus stops include:

  • Lakdi-ka-Pull: This triangular-one way route is the busiest bus stops in Hyderabad as commuters can catch a bus from here to north-west or south or to east Hyderabad. Almost 100 buses cross this bus stop and take away commuters in different directions.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station:  Being the third largest bus station in India, Mahatma Gandhi Bus station also known as Imlibun bus station is located in the southern part of Hyderabad. This bus station offers bus service for both Telangana and Andra-Pradesh.
  • Kachiguda Bus station
  • Golconda Bus Station

These are the most popular bus stations that have the highest number of commuters on daily basis. Any brand, be it premium or standard can benefit enormously by strategically planning their ad campaigns, keeping in mind the bus frequency, ridership, and bus frequency of these popular bus stations. Bus Stop advertising can also be said as a bus shelter in Hyderabad.

Does bus Stop Advertising offer high ROI on the investment?

The key to successful bus advertising is answering the following questions:

  • Who the rider is?
  • What is the bus route?
  • What is the maximum dwell time of the rider at the bus shelter/stop?

An informed brand can effectively design an ad campaign and implement the same at bus shelters that are visited by their target audience more frequently.

For instance, a gym wear brand must advertise on bus shelters or bus stops that have more ridership of office commuters. Similarly, a new web series can be promoted on bus shelters that have more college students or young adults as their commuters.

What makes bus advertising a magical way to reach a diverse audience in Hyderabad?

  • Targeted or focused coverage: Brands can focus on the segmented audience by picking up locality, bus timings, and frequency of bus service at the chosen bus shelter.
  • Digital Bus Shelter: Implementing digital screens at the bus shelter can help the brand interact with the bus shelter audience on a one-to-one basis.
  • Cost-effective: Bus shelter advertising is very cost-effective as it helps the brand to reach a diverse audience through a single medium.
  • Low-cost entry as compared to other mediums: Electronic or print ads are costly and do not guarantee undivided attention like the outdoor ads as numerous brands advertise on these mediums at one time. However, digital or static outdoor ads are assigned to one brand at a time.
  • Local groups/ small business-friendly: The greatest advantage of bus shelter advertising is that local brands and small businesses can create brand awareness and garner high brand recall among local audiences without spending extensively on other mediums.
  • Pedestrians/ riders attention: Bus shelter or bus stop advertising triggers dual attention at one go, as both the bus shelter audience, as well as pedestrians, tend to look at any captive ad displayed here.
  • 24/7 coverage: Outdoor ads give brands the advantage of being live 24×7. So, be it the peak time or not, the ads will get the attention of some or the other at any point of the day or night.
  • Environmental concerns: The willingness to contribute to a healthy environment by people of every age group and economical background has also increased the bus ridership by large.
  • Park and Ride: To cut down on petrol expenditure, to save environmental pollution and to escape traffic, people now opt for ‘park and ride the bus’ facility. The facility allow them to park their vehicle under safe parking zones and have a comfortable bus ride to reach on time.
  • Interior/exterior advertising opportunities: Bus shelter advertising acts as a wholesome tool to attract target audience’s attention as it provides a various points of attention. Ads can be put both on the interior/exterior of buses and also at the bus shelter.