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Boost Your Sales through Delhi Metro Branding

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Bengaluru Metro Train Advertising. Best rates of Metro Train Branding in Bangalore.Namma Metro Ad Agency

It would be fair to say that since its launch in 2002, Delhi metro has been serving Delhi and National capital region with full dedication. The metro line has connected the various cities seamlessly and made travel much easier. Cheap metro fair, metro card facility, air conditioned cabinets and women special cabinets, makes Delhi metro the most luxurious, comfortable and safest everyday transport facility in India.

Why should you invest in Delhi metro branding?

  • Daily ridership of approximately 4,720,168.
  • Delhi metro covers a distance of 389Km through 285 stations.
  • Minimum travel time from one station to another is 3 minutes while the maximum is 1.5 hours.
  • Special metro lines such as the Airport Express Line cater to specific audience that wish for quick and traffic free travel to airport.
  • ‘Women only’ cabinet gives women oriented brands to convey their message to women directly.

What are the various benefits of advertising in Delhi metro?

  • Delhi metro has high ridership which leads to high exposure of any brand that is advertised on Delhi metro.
  • Gives brands an opportunity to advertise both inside and outside the metro trains. The Delhi metro stations are clean, clutter free and huge, giving brands lots of space where they can display themselves.
  • Office commuters and college students fall under regular commuters. They get exposed to the brand message repeatedly which leads to high brand recall and brand reinforcement.
  • Delhi metro train operates from 6am to 11 pm, covering both peak and off-peak hours.

What are the various ways through which brands get execute Delhi metro branding?

  1. Metro Wrap:
  • The most popular, loud, clear and highly attractive way of advertising on metro train is through metro train wrap advertising. Train wraps functions as a moving billboard.
  • Giant in size and huge copy and print attract passengers waiting for the train at station.
  • Train wraps often turn heads due to huge size and therefore it is immediately noticed by everyone.
  • It also becomes an attractive sight for people on the way as it move from one station to another delivering the brand message to different regions and cities.
  1. Inside Panels:
  • The interior metro branding covers side panels. The brands can advertise themselves on these panels and get the commuter’s attention instantly.
  • These panels offer clutter free and most receptive environment for the brands.
  • Commuters often read the brand messages and look at the ads displayed on panels to kill boredom but in-turn the brands get an opportunity to create awareness and communicate to the target audience.
  • Helps in building brand reinforcement, evoking brand familiarity and eventually forming a liking towards the brand displayed.