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Dealer Boards and In-shop branding, the most trusted way to attract customers!

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In-shop branding – First Impression !!

Brands and advertisers are always in the hunt of innovative ways to stand out of the other brands in the market. Growing competition and drained advertising ideas have left the brands to turn back to the old yet most rewarding ways of advertising. One such advertising technique is dealer board and in-shop branding. Here are some interesting facts that would prove, how dealer boarding advertising and in-shop branding are still most beneficial form of advertising in India:

  • Through dealer boards and in-shop advertisements, the brand is live for consumers 24hours of the day. The visibility of any brands sores high through dealer board ads.
  • In-shop brand advertisement quickly attracts attention of buyers surfing the retail store. Brand cut-outs, big banners or shelf stickers are few in-shop branding ideas that trigger higher sales.
  • Huge dealer boards also push high brand recall as bright images, crisp copy, slogans, tag lines and brand ambassadors often tend to stay in the viewers mind for long then video ads they watch on TV or mobile.
  • Highly affordable and easy to use. Both dealer boards and in-shop branding items can easily be changed from time to time to propagate specific sale call or to announce new product launch or to instigate new advertising campaign.
  • Both dealer board and in-shop branding technique stand the test of time and are highly beneficial advertising techniques in terms of implementation, execution, affordability and durability.

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