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Outdoor advertising services in Patna

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Hoardings in Patna, Bihar Outdoor Publicity campaign

OOH Ad services in Patna and Bihar

Patna is the largest city as well as capital city of Bihar. With abundance of historical monuments, museums and renowned educational institutes it holds special importance in terms of tourism and education. Patna is 19th largest city in India, with population of over 2.35 million people. The average tourist inflow was approximately 2.4 million in 2005 but in the tourist inflow jumped to 3.5 crore in 2019.

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Patna offers numerous advertising opportunities for brands to attract variety of audience. Be it localities, students, tourists or foreign delegates, the outdoor advertising works wonders in this city. Here are few outdoor advertising options that can be implemented in various parts of Patna, to get maximum ROI through advertising campaigns:

  • Hoardings: Big size hoardings can be placed at vital locations of the city such as airport, bus stands, malls etc to get maximum audience attention. Hoardings are affordable and durable as compared to other advertising mediums such as television ads or print ads.
  • Transit advertising: Another most beneficial advertising medium is transit advertising. In transit advertising the brands can display their messages on vehicles such as buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws, tourist buses etc to grab the attention of audience on the move.
  • Unipoles: These are giant billboards, mounted over a very high pole to facilitate visibility from very long distance. Unipoles are usually placed at highways or roads approaching significant landmarks of the city. Now a days illuminated unipoles are installed for night time visibility.
  • Bus shelter branding: Localities and tourists both visit bus stand to access various parts of the city. This gives brands the opportunity to interact with commuters when they are waiting for their bus at the bus stand. The advertisers can engage in full bus stand branding for better brand awareness and reinforcement.

These are the few most popular and most rewarding outdoor advertising options in Patna. MyHoardings advertising agency holds expertise in outdoor advertising services. The company offers OOH advertising services throughout India. For best advertising campaigns, high ROI and perfect execution and monitoring, MyHoardings stands as the best choice for Patna.