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Consumer Behavior Of Youth Under 25 Years

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Consumer Behavior

India has one of the largest populations of youth in the world. This is why global brands are eyeing the country as one of the most potential markets. In any market, it is the youth that set the trend. This is why companies are keen to know what their buying behavior will be for consumer. Those under the age of 25 are the trendsetters and it is beneficial to know their shopping trends. 

Meet Gen Z

Consumers between 18 and 24 years are the ones that companies are focusing on. Like the millennials, these people are also good spenders. They know what they want and are not shy of spending more to get their preferred products. This tribe is not just tech-savvy but fully immersed in the digital world. Information for them is just a click away, literally. This makes it difficult for brands to satisfy Gen Z. 

They have very short attention spans. These youngsters will not watch your ads unless you can catch their attention in the first few seconds. There are a huge number of choices in every product and this means that they don’t buy anything unless they are completely convinced about it. But if you can give them what they want, they will be the best brand ambassadors for you because of their constant interaction on social media

Knowledgeable And Demanding

There is hardly anyone under 25 who doesn’t use a smartphone and has multiple social media accounts. They are always in touch with the latest information. They also know about new products in the market and how they perform. People of this age group take their time to know all details about a product before making a purchase decision. They avidly read reviews and comments about an item they wish to buy. 

Companies need to be always alert to communication from these consumers. Their attention span is so small that unless someone replies to them within 5 minutes they are likely to forget that they asked for information. They like brands to respond to them any time of the day or night. Those firms who can give them the personal attention they demand can hope to make Gen Z their customers. 

Factors That Influence Their Purchase

There are many factors that affect the way consumers under 25 choose their products. They consider transparency as a very important factor for any brand. Trust is another important quality they look for in a company. Youngsters under 25 also insist that firms must value their opinion. They also like to associate with brands that exhibit social responsibility.

Apart from the above factors, the Gen Z consumers give very high importance to variety and availability. They don’t like to spend heavily just because a brand is popular. They look at value for money. Most of them spend a considerable time researching the manufacturer and product before deciding their purchase. 

Summing Up

While these consumers can be grouped under the label Gen Z, it is essential for brands to understand that they are highly diverse. Personalized communication is very important to get their patronage.