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Top 5 Influencers in Food and Hospitality Industry

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Top 5 Influencers in Food and Hospitality Industry

Social media has spread like wild fire in every part of the world. It is an indispensable medium to connect with people on personal and professional level. Social media networking has become a way of life in twenty first century.  Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest are the top most social networking  websites. People from all over the world have used these websites as a platform to showcase their skills and talents.

Who are social media influencers?

Social media influencers are people who create content in the form of videos, pictures, blogs, audible and post it on popular social media websites. Through these videos they try to educate, inform, entertain or show skills to other people on the websites. By creating content, people try to gather followers and subscribers for their channels or pages through which they are posting their content. Once their followers or subscribers cross a certain number, they are then tagged as ‘influencers‘ by the social media websites.

They are called ‘influencers’ as they stimulate and manipulate the viewers to act or react in a certain manner. Social media influencers create and propel trends.  They are also used by various brands to promote a new product or service, through their videos. As these influencers have million of subscribers or viewers, the brands get promoted easily through them.

Top 5 influencers in Food and Hospitality:

  1. Nisha madhulika: A popular YouTube personality, who is a household name for her easy to cook and delicious recipes. She has become popular food influencer through her cooking videos. She has 10.4 million subscribers on YouTube. Her USP is that she makes vegetarian dishes only.
  2. Grandpa Kitchen: A YouTube channel run by Narayana Reddy. He is famous for making video of cooking large amount of food for orphans. The channel is famous for the large quantity of food and generosity for feeding orphans. His channel has 7.70 million subscribers.
  3. Kabita’s Kitchen: A popular food blogger and restaurant consultant on YouTube Channel. She has 8.03 million subscribers and is famous for cooking food recipes with easily available ingredients.
  4. Dilse Foodie Official: Karan Dua runs this YouTube channel to make viewers aware about best street food in India. The channel explores various cities in India for their street foods. Karan Dua informs the audience about the taste, smell, ingredients and specialty of different street foods in India. He has 1.3 million subscribers.
  5. Bharat Kitchen: With 7.51 million subscribers on YouTube, Bharat Kitchen is popular for making videos that not only teaches viewers to cook delicious recipes but also informs them about the science behind cooking.

Be it food or hospitality, fashion, fitness, entertainment and lifestyle, the influencers can be a very fruitful in spreading brand awareness through their videos, blogs and pictures. Through brand integration ideas in the content that they post on their page or channel, the followers, viewers and subscribers can be instantly pitched by the brand.