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Digital screens make their way to Bengaluru

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Digital screens are not new to the advertising world but with new technology making them smarter, bigger and better, they are the hottest in the media town today. The digital screens are now coming with advanced features like automation, interactivity, cloud-based content updating, live streaming, real-time monitoring and high definition colors. These amazing features along with robust waterproof and dustproof screen guards enhance both the adaptability and durability of the screens. Traditional media is fading away for the fact that every device in homes, offices and even outdoor facilities are adopting digital technology rapidly. And this is why; digital screens are becoming the most effective mode of communication in the advertising world.

Digital OOH ads in Bengaluru

When talking of technology, we cannot miss on the city that has it all. Bengaluru, the IT hub or the silicon valley of India, invents, implements and propels the latest technology in India. Bengaluru makes up for an ideal city for digital LED screens and video walls as it is the largest as well as the capital city of Karnataka. Bengaluru has enormous spaces like malls, central market areas, museums, historical places, and IT parks etc where digital advertising can attract the masses easily.  With digital screens, the brands have the choice to either focus on a specific set of audiences or to disseminate the message to the undivided masses. For instance, an alcohol brand can advertise itself through digital screens during late hours while the same screen can be used to advertise a basic product like bread or butter during the day.

Types of DOOH Ad screens available for promotion in India.

  • RoadSide Billboard

    DOOH Screens on Roadside


  • 02


    Digital Billboards inside Restaurants

    Digital Billboards inside Restaurants

  • Lift Lobby DOOH Displays

    Lift Lobby DOOH Displays



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Latest digital screen advertising formats in Bengaluru

  • LED Large displays: Large display screen falling beyond the size of 32 inches is categorized as large screen displays. These displays go beyond 75 inches at prime locations such as highways. Shopping malls, airports etc.
  • Informative digital screens: These screens are of an average size which is generally placed at eye level. The content displayed at these displays is short, informative and usually provokes the audience to take immediate action.
  • Digital panels: Made for crisp and short-form ads, generally used for brand reinforcement.
  • Immersive displays: These are large size displays that attract the audience through storytelling or animation to grasp the audience for more than just a glance. These displays are interactive kinds as they get hold of the audience imagination powers and engage them for longer duration. They can encompass 3Dvisuals, touch displays or a compelling narrative.
  • Video walls: Be it advertising, surveillance room, control room, traffic management or any other activity that needs intricate details of the process can make use of video walls. Video walls are available in various sizes and formats such as LED walls, Laser video walls, Lamp lit video walls etc to suit your needs.

Digital screens with AI components, real-time tracking abilities, data management abilities, high definition displays and authentic color output, make them the advertising tool of the digital age we live in today. Bengaluru being a metropolitan city with technology at its best makes for the best digital screen advertising location.