Growth Story of JcDecaux

Growth Story of JcDecaux

JCDecaux, one of the world’s most recognized media brands and UK’s most successful Out Of Home Player has been trying to improve and develop the most inspiring team of UK media. They always wanted to stand out in the crowd by developing a new and unique style of selling, delivering outstanding growth, focusing on its audiences and win altogether. This was possible by pushing its exceptional team out of its comfort zone, by learning new skills and going beyond ordinary programes.

Inspired by a conversation with Rory Sutherland, JCDecaux developed into a modular program. In this program, a 4-step story telling process was also developed that was used to deliver outstanding presentations and sales propositions. The four modules covered the following:

  • Understanding marketing strategy – just like thinking like the computer
  • Art of story-telling and the four step story-selling process
  • Success preparation – Utilizing the process to provide better responses to briefs
  • Building agreement and the art of influence

JcDecaux Advertising

Apart from all these, four ‘Expression sessions’ were developed to enable and ensure this programme live in the business long after its initial delivery. To deliver this content to the starters, internal story selling champions were trained.

To club it all, the main objective has been achieved by the Story-telling academy of transforming the way JCDaux communicate with brands and agencies. A more strategic approach to identify the client’s needs has been developed rather than just selling assets and products. Along with this, they have defined and understood the core challenges of their clients, developed solutions using outstanding insights and research to fit the purpose. Finally, they communicated with their clients regarding the solutions and approach using new and creative techniques! The Sales Team has transformed, modified and improved their performance. Thus, entertain working at a greater and more effective level with outstanding outcomes.


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