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How to advertise your brand on the Swiggy App?

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App advertising | How to advertise your brand on the Swiggy App?

Online food ordering is the new shiz. The food delivery apps have grown exponentially in the last two years, making them the top businesses. This rampant growth in popularity of these food-delivery apps is the reason for bringing people’s favorite restaurant food to their homes. Thus, people can munch on various delicacies at the comfort of their home. In addition, these apps provide lucrative discount coupons too. As a result, people now love to order in and have sumptuous food at reasonable prices.

Out of all the food-delivery apps, Swiggy ranks the highest in the popularity charts. As per a 2020 study, Swiggy raked in 1.5 million orders daily as opposed to its closest rival, Zomato which totalled 1.2 million daily orders. Because of this popularity, the app has also concentrated on its diversification and distribution efforts. Swiggy has expanded its network and operations to all major cities and towns in the country. So, it can be safely said that Swiggy is the largest online food delivery platform in India.

Why should you advertise on the Swiggy App?

Advertising your brand on Swiggy will take it straight to the most influential audiences. If you are looking to advertise your brand digitally, branding on the popular apps will get your brand noticed for sure. And with go-to apps like Swiggy, your business is bound to surge. The Swiggy app will provide the platform for your brand to help it reach the right kind of people. Along with content suitability, frequent updates of content on portals like these engage viewers. Several people use the Swiggy App on a daily basis.

So, with constant content up-gradation, viewers will take more interest in your brand. Consequently, with high viewer engagement, the app attracts interested viewers and clocks frequent visits. Therefore, your brand’s ad registers high audience retention, thereby making the digital campaign a success on Swiggy.

In addition, users spend a considerable amount of time on the app to decide what to order. The ads could keep your audience engaged throughout the entire time they are on the Swiggy app. The frequent viewing of the ads on the app would keep reminding your audience of your brand. Thus, branding on the Swiggy App would help to imprint your brand’s name in the audience’s mind.

Moreover, the maximum users of the Swiggy App are working professionals. So, advertising on the Swiggy App would ensure that your brand wins the attention of the target demographics. The youth of the country is mostly dependent on the food-delivery apps for their food because of their busy schedule. So, if you choose to advertise your brand on the Swiggy App, then your sales will increase along with your brand’s popularity.

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How much should I pay to advertise my brand on the Swiggy App?

The charges for branding on the app are quite low. The platform charges one of the lowest rates in the online food delivery category for different advertising media options. Thus, besides reaching the right audiences across 500+ Indian cities and towns, you can have a greater ROI. So, the Swiggy app is also favorable for advertisers and brand owners as there is a possibility of greater outreach with minimal expenditure.

So, invest today to advertise on India’s favorite food delivery service app and register brand impressions in thousands a day for your business.

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FAQ’s for enhancing knowledge on mobile “In-App Advertising” –

Usually for the average banner ad format, a CPM of INR 60 – INR 100 is sufficient. Whereas average CPM for Interstitial ad format may start from INR 250. Also for Video ad formats CPM of INR 200 can be considered sufficient.

Interstitial digital advertising includes digital ads that are interactive and full-screen ads that may cover the partial/full interface of the host app or website. Usually, this kind of ad appears between content, so that they get placed at natural breaks or transition points like in between various activities/game levels in gaming apps.

Normally, Google charges 30% of the entire revenue made on a particular Android app and passes on the rest 70% to the mobile app developers.

In-app mobile ad rates may vary largely depending on different parameters including ad types, placement where the ad is run, existing revenue-sharing agreement in place, target audience, campaign goals, and revenue model, or sometimes just brand recall, etc. Various costing models include – CPM, which stands for Cost Per Mille, Cost per click (CPC) & CPA which stands for cost per action/cost per acquisition.

CPM / Cost Per Mille is the rate which the advertiser decides to pay per 1000 impressions of an ad campaign. Whereas, eCPM is the total earning of the publisher/1000 impressions. eCPM is a very useful parameter for publishers to optimize and evaluate their monetization model by monitoring advertisement revenue generated from the ad campaigns.

For mobile devices – 320*480 pixels (Most popular size) and 480*320 size interstitial ads perform quite well compared to other ad dimensions. However, for tablets – 1024*768 and 768*1024 size interstitial ads perform quite well.