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Is Bus advertising still relevant?

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Is Bus advertising still relevant?

Brands always look for advertising mediums that can reach mass audience and buses are indeed one of the best ways to do that. The use of buses can never go obsolete as the local commuters find them cheap, easy and comfortable means of transportation. Bus advertising can play a vital role in enhancing the impact of any ad campaign for buses reach to wider audience scattered around different parts of the city. Bus advertising can be used along with other forms of advertising to saturate the consumer minds and influence their purchase decision.

A win-win deal: The unmatched befits of bus advertising includes:

  • High exposure: Unlike other advertising mediums buses run for longer duration and so does any ad that is displayed on the bus. There is no fixed time slot for running the ad which ultimate leads to high brand exposure.
  • Greater reach: Buses run across various parts of city delivering the brand message to target audience scattered at different locations, thereby increasing the reach of the brand.
  • Dual audience attention: The best part about advertising on buses is that both commuters and non commuters are exposed to the ad. The on-lookers are attracted to the large display and bright color of the ad while commuters use the travel time to pay attention to the ad displayed inside the buses.

Ads inside-out!

Bus offers various ad placement options, making it easy for the brands to grab the target audience’s attention from all sides. The ad placement options on a bus include:

  • Bus wraps: Running the ads on the entire length of the bus and from both side through flex or vinyl print ads or colour-paint ads
  • T-side advertising: This type of ad runs across the length and height of the bus in a t-shape.
  • Side panel: The ad runs on either side of the buses.
  • Back panel: The ad runs on the back side of the bus, it fetches the attention of the passengers on the vehicle behind the bus or of the people on the roads.
  • Bus seats: The ads are pasted on the back side of the bus seats.


MyHoardings offer creative and unique bus advertising solutions in major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Our outdoor agency works on the client’s brief and design ad campaigns that fulfill their need to reach the target audience in an impactful and fruitful manner.

Transit Media (Bus/Auto/Cab) Advertising options in India -

CityMedia OptionsMinimum Vehicles Required
MumbaiCar Branding,Bus Branding, Auto Branding, , Metro AdsCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10
New DelhiCar Branding,Bus Branding, Metro Ads, Metro AdsCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10
GurugrramCar Branding,Bus Branding, Auto BrandingCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10
BengaluruCar Branding,Bus Branding, Auto BrandingCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10
ChennaiCar Branding,Bus Branding, Auto Branding, , Metro AdsCars - 100 / Auto - 100 / Bus - 10