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Bus branding in Delhi

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Bus branding in Delhi

Buses run across the city for long hours, taking commuters to their destinations. The buses are undoubtedly the most popular public transport that offers cheap rides to distant locations. According to surveys bus branding is very productive as buses cover different areas of the city, commuters belong to different backgrounds and all kinds of brands can be promoted through buses.

Advertisers believe that non-ac bus branding is more rewarding for the following reasons:

  • Inevitable attention: The riders notice the brand ads involuntarily and consume the brand message without any pressure. The travel time as well as waiting time is utilized in taking notice of ads placed both inside and outside of the buses.
  • Long exposure: An average bus rides amounts to 15-45minutes of travel. This time offers high exposure for the brand advertised inside the buses.
  • Familiarity invokes liking: Daily commuters like office goers travel via same route buses for at least 5 days a week. This daily exposure leads to familiarity of the brand ads on the buses which ultimately leads to liking of the brand and influences their purchase decision.
  • Target audience: Bus commuters belong to different backgrounds, opinions and status, this diversity in commuters gives brands an opportunity to tap a single need and capture their attention. For instance an ad of Health Insurance will capture the attention of audience from any background.

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