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Radio Advertising and its benefits in Bengaluru

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Bengaluru is the golden city for advertisers and marketers. After Mumbai, advertisers, and marketers design special campaigns to get the people of Bengaluru to notice their brands. That is to say; advertisers find Bengaluru to be a lucrative city to plan and implement branding campaigns. This is so because Bengaluru is the ‘Silicon Valley of India.’ In other words, people from all over the country head to the city searching for jobs and academic opportunities. So, as the area ranks up in commercial activities, naturally, the tendency of people engaging in retail purchases is more. Hence, advertisers and marketers see a lot of opportunities for branding in this city.

Why Radio Advertising?

Among the myriad advertising media options available in Bengaluru for branding, radio advertising is one of them. Radio advertising allows quick brand campaigns in just 30 seconds. Moreover, it can be tough for a single advertising media solution to reach out to audiences from diverse cultures.

Radio bridges the gap between the differences in languages and cultures. Even though the listenership of the radio channels can get vastly different, radio can communicate with all by using different languages. The popular local radio stations broadcast the advertisements, music, and local information in Kannada, Hindi, and English. Therefore, advertisers can easily reach out to the listeners.

In addition, because of the diversity in languages, marketers can easily reach out to listeners of all languages. Therefore, through radio advertising in Bengaluru, advertisers and marketers can also ensure geo-targeting. Besides, there are a few radio channels that operate in single languages. For instance, Radio Mirchi FM has two frequencies that listeners can tune to. Radio Mirchi 98.3 is broadcasted in the local Kannada language and Radio Mirchi 95 in Hindi/English. So, advertisers can also decide to have a campaign specific to the local people or include all. The city also has the national radio channels Vividh Bharati and All India Radio broadcasted in Kannada. To sum it all up, there are numerous branding opportunities in Bengaluru.

Advertising Options in Bengaluru Radio Channels

If you are wondering about the rate, it is determined from the listenership base of a radio channel. That is to say, the greater the number of listeners of a radio channel, the greater will be the advertising rate.

The popular radio channels follow the following advertising options in Bengaluru:

  1. Free Commercial Time (FCT): 

    This is the most basic form of radio advertising in which advertisers get fixed time slots for airing their campaign:

    • Prime Time: The office and school hours are classified as ‘prime time.’ For instance, in Bengaluru, the morning time from 7 AM to 11 AM and evening time from 5 PM to 10 PM are prime times in radio channels.
    • Non-Prime Time: The time in between, that is from 11 AM to 5 PM, is the ‘non-prime time.’
    • RODP: In this method, the casters divide the entire day into equal time parts. So, the morning, afternoon, evening, and late-night have equal time slots for branding.
    • ROS: Through ROS, advertisers find slots that they and the radio channel deem fit during the day.
    • Alternative days: As is evident from the name, advertisers opt for telecasting their ads on alternate days in this classification. Often, they also prefer to skip two days in between to brand their product on the radio.
    • Multiple jingles: Through this, advertisers can opt for telecasting more than one audio creative for radio advertising of their brand.
  2. Mentions by RJs: 

    This form of branding is one of the most popular ones. Moreover, a short mention by the popular RJs is a sure-shot way of garnering brand attention. The popular RJs of a radio station talk about the sponsored brand for 30 to 45 seconds. Since audiences love to listen to these RJs talk, brand mentions by RJs is an effective way of branding among radio listeners.

  3. Sponsorship Tags:

    Sponsorship tags are more elaborate ways of branding on a radio channel. Through this kind of branding, RJs attach a program’s name or a song to a brand. Since a brand sponsors a program, repeated mentions of the brand by the RJs will surely get the audience curious about your brand.

  4. Time Check:

    If you are looking to advertise on the radio for the long term, then time check is just the right approach for you. A time check involves playing a 5 second pre-recorded about the brand before and after the commercial advertisements during any radio program. With this repeated telecasting, time checks will build an image of a brand from the ground up. That is to say, with time check, you can be assured of constructing a strong and relatable brand image in the audience’s mind.

  5. Roadblock:

    As the name suggests, you can run your brand campaign exclusively in a particular radio station in a roadblock radio campaign. For instance, if an advertiser buys all the time slots of the Prime Time of a day, listeners would hear that brand’s ad from 7 AM to 11 AM and 5 PM to 10 PM. In the same vein, advertisers can buy out all the advertising slots during the Non-Prime Time and during Mixed Time (during both Prime and Non-Prime Times). This continuous reiteration of a brand name is sure to save its name in the listeners’ minds.

  6. Contests:

    Contests are an innovative and quirky way to interact with listeners. And we have always seen that brand interactions with audiences are impactful. Similarly, on a radio channel, the advertising brands sponsor contests or games with gifts/prizes. These gifts/prizes lure listeners to participate in the contests and actively interact with people. Therefore, contests are a win-win for both the listeners and the brands. For example, you can plan lucky draws, quiz and singing competitions, etc. To sum it all up, contests help you get the listeners to spend the most interactive time with the brand.

  7. Interviews:

    Another way to get listeners to know your brand in detail is through interviews. Through interviews, listeners can know about the facts of the brand and share their opinion of the same. Therefore, through a single program, the advertiser can take their brand to a consumer. And consumers can also express their contentment, grievances, and opinions about the brand. Therefore, through this interactive session, both the brands and the consumers can establish a trustworthy relationship. Essentially, interviews should be conducted during the launch of a brand.

  8. RJ Visits:

    Oftentimes, it so happens that a popular RJ visits the advertiser’s commercial location on the recommendation of a brand. The radio channel plans a program around that visit or fixes a time slot so that the RJ can give an in-depth knowledge of the brand or an event if that is being held. The audiences get to hear about every facet of the brand live, giving them ample scope to raise their interest.

  9. Digital Promotion: 

    Radio channels also engage in digital promotion. Suppose an advertiser pays a radio channel, the popular RJs post about the brand across all their socials. Through this, the brand generates enough traction and garners brand impression in thousands. Moreover, since these RJs have millions as their fans, they surely notice the brand on their social media platforms.

  10. Studio Shift: 

    A Studio Shift is another unique concept for brand promotion. In radio advertising, shows often take place outside the radio station to promote brands. Advertisers select these venues to promote their brands effectively. Also, the shows are conducted in the offices of the brands. By changing the location, the broadcasters bring a unique take in brand promotion, where listeners experience the show and the brand entirely in a new light.

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Thus, you can design a heavily impactful radio advertising campaign for your brand through these many options.

Benefits of Radio Advertising in Bengaluru:

  1. A huge number of listeners: Advertising in radio will let you reach out to many audiences in different parts and corners of the city.
  2. Target your audiences efficiently: Radio allows you to focus and brand as per your targets. Different kinds of branding in radio advertising will fetch different kinds of audiences each time. Besides, advertising in different time slots also lets you target different demographics of people.
  3. Reach out to people of different languages: The diversity of people in Bengaluru is enormous. Since people from every corner of the country become a resident of Bengaluru for work, radio advertising in Bengaluru allows you to people from different regions and ethnicities. Therefore, you can reach out to the entire country almost by branding in Bengaluru.
  4. Expect greater ROI: Radio marketing in Bengaluru is a guaranteed way of earning greater ROI and triggering sales. The Bengaluru people are interested in retail and good value-for-money products. Therefore, if your brand clicks with them, you can kick start or revive your business by branding here.
  5. Cost-effective advertising media option: With respect to the returns from radio advertising in Bengaluru, the investment expenditure is meager. Therefore, with radio advertising in Bengaluru, even the advertisers stand to benefit from it. So, radio advertising in Bengaluru is a win-win media option for the marketers and the audiences. Audiences will get to know about a brand up close. In contrast, marketers can expect their cash registers ticking without spending much.