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Search Engine for your outdoor advertising needs: MyHoardings.Com

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Search Engine for your outdoor advertising needs: MyHoardings.Com

Outdoor advertising is a unique way to approach and create impression in the minds of the commuters. It is not necessary that every product or service consider outdoor advertising as a part of their ad campaign but whoever does definitely reaps more reach and visibility than others. Outdoor advertising or Out-Of-Home Advertising (OOH) includes various means such as hoardings, billboards, vehicle advertising, signage etc.

What makes outdoor advertising an effective promotional tool?

Outdoor advertising refers to advertisements of product or services seen outside any four-walled premises. The effect of outdoor advertising depends majorly on location, advertisement size and target audience. Outdoor advertising emphasize on brand recall. The motive outdoor advertising is to register its image, sign or tagline in the minds of the consumer in subtle yet impactful way. Another important aspect of OOH advertising is location. The product or service will observe maximum reach and visibility only if the location selected influences the target audience. For instance, while the airport route is filled with hoardings and billboards of airline services or travel agencies, a route towards mall will be filled with ads of brand stores, latest launched products etc. Therefore, one should selected the location of hoardings or billboard wisely.

How to select the right advertising agency for outdoor promotions?

Considering the current scenario, where one advertising agency offers a gamut of media services that include everything from digital advertising, TV commercials. Event promotions OOH advertising and much more at one place, it might be difficult to chalk out one that fulfills your OOH advertising needs accurately.

If you are looking for one agency that has it’s expertise in OOH advertising than it is none other than MyHoardings. This company offers wide range of outdoor advertising services such as hoardings, billboards, transit advertising and much more. 1000 marketing and advertising agencies are listed with My Hoarding and have its reach in almost every city in India. The company offers latest features, creative ideas, PAN India locations to its clients at reasonable prices.

My Hoardings aim at transparent relationship between the client and the company. It essentially serves as a platform for advertising and marketing companies to meet and negotiate the best possible deals in the least cost.