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Branding options at Ahmedabad Airport

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Branding on Ahmedabad airport

Be it historical monuments, business and economic growth or entertainment quotient, Ahmedabad tops everything. Ahmedabad airport observes all kind of flyers such as tourists , businessmen, foreign delegates etc. Thus, airport advertising is a fruitful in taking your brand to a higher level of brand awareness , brand recall and brand loyalty.  Ahmedabad airport now  named as Sardar Vallabai international airport serves the as international airport for Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and Gujarat.

Ahmedabad airport is the 8th busiest airport of India. The heavy footfall of this airport makes it a lucrative site for outdoor advertising. Wide variety of brand can promote themselves at airport to gain maximum reach and visibility. As international airports are huge in terms of size and space, they offer ample space for creative advertising.

Ad placement options at Sardar Vallabhai International Airport:

  • Hoarding: Advertisers can place big size hoardings alongside the route leading to airport to get noticed by the visitors easily. The airport roads are well maintained and are well lit which help the hoarding to stand out from the rest.
  • Luggage trolleys: The indispensable equipment at the airport is the luggage trolley. As soon as the visitors arrive at the airport, they look for luggage trolleys and any ad placed on these trolleys can’t go unnoticed.
  • Washrooms: Airport washrooms too are spacious and have ample lighting. One can place ads on doors of washrooms for brand reinforcement. Washrooms are apt for brands related to personal hygiene.
  • Inside airport: There are numerous options for ad placement inside the airport. One can place ads on lifts, escalators, digital screens, standees and live kiosks to get maximum attention.

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