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Share of Airport advertising in smaller cities of India

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Share of airport advertising in smaller cities of India

The Airport Advertising is fast catching up than the traditional Out of Home (OOH) Advertising. The main focus is the Tier I and II cities. Few observations and thoughts have been penned down below by Managing Director, Atin Promotions & Advertising Private Limited, Atin Gupta – who handles airports and airlines advertising rights.

  • With the advent of better options, customized offerings and innovations have not only increased awareness but also have become the norm for more and more advertisers to open up to the concept of airport advertising.
  • Comparatively airport advertising is more popular than airline advertising. The reason being it has been in the market for around 15-16 years whereas airline advertising has recently come into business, around 7-8 years back. But to increase airline advertising, special rate cards and good deals are being offered to the advertisers.
  • There is an increase in 15% of the budget for airport advertising in the overall category of outdoor advertising.
  • It’s a challenge to get clients to advertise in the small airports, but those who have seen the effectiveness, opt for airport advertising.
  • Due to less number of passengers in the smaller airports and limited budgets, there are only standard light boxes or billboards. But with the increase in the number of footfalls, there is a high chance of innovation in the airport advertising.
  • Talking about revenue, only around 8-10% when compared to the overall revenue comes from small town airports. But the major advertisers in Tier I and II airports are the Public sector, retailers and some major advertisers.
  • Although digital airport advertising is present in Metro cities airports, yet for smaller airports, instead of spending in digital advertising, brands like to invest in choosing strategic locations which offer them maximum or 100% visibility.
  • Some of the examples of innovation and experimental airport and airline advertising – an activity was done with Schmitten chocolates inside airline. Some flyers were engaged with selfie opportunity with those chocolates and its impact got accelerated upon posting those photos on social networking sites. It gave positive overwhelming response and hence this activity was extended from one month to six months. At the airports different festivals are celebrated which helps in the brands to participate. Also the huge spaces and different set ups like planters helps in advertising in a great way.
  • Not too many challenges are faced for airport advertising but the continuous and consistent innovations would help in the increase and overwhelming response for airport advertising in India.

Although Airport advertising is costlier than regular out of home advertising, yet it’s considered to be the most affordable since it reaches out to the target customers – elite, educated and high-end travelers. Hence, airports everywhere are preferred by the brands for this very reason. This form of advertising creates a high impact for both the domestic and international consumers.


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