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Why Advertising on Electricity Bills in Mumbai is a Smart Option?

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Electricity Bill Advertising in Mumbai –

As the world is getting modern and digitized, our list of day to day necessities from the Internet to Air conditioning rooms is growing quite bigger. Notably, most of our luxury needs require electricity in the first place, which makes the electricity bill to be found common in most of the households. Henceforth, advertising on the electricity bill is a wonderful opportunity to promote your business. 

Why Choosing Electricity Bill Advertisement in Mumbai is Effective: 

Mumbai is one of the great cities in India and it has the highest GDP. It estimates for 70% of the country’s capital transactions. Its vast population and diverse demographics make this outdoor advertising method extra prosperous. The city is home to some extraordinary financial institutions like the Reserve Bank of India, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange(NSE). No surprise, Mumbai is ranked as the fastest-growing cities in India for business expansion. 

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Why Electricity Bill Advertising is a Smart Option:


  • Advertising via electricity bill is a smart way to create brand awareness as you can do micro-targeting. It is nothing but advertising your products and services in a specific locality by Pincode.


  • The most vital advantage of this type of outdoor advertisement is “High Visibility”. Only a single ad is placed on the electricity bill, which stands out and lures the audience attention, unlike a paper ad, which is almost crowded with n number of advertisements.


  • Another added benefit is “High Shelf Life” (bills are mostly placed on the table of the household for a long time).


  • Using Electricity Bill Advertisements, you can achieve Maximum Reach at Optimum cost. Not only urban household, but you can also reach your target audience from rural places and even in remote areas of the state.


  • Mumbai electricity bill advertisements can be highly targeted and sure not to miss the eyes of the bill payer.

Electricity Bill Advertising,Mumbai Bill Advertising,Advertise on Electricity bills

MyHoardings is committed to taking care of the end to end services from planning the campaign to selecting the right media options and reaching the right target audience through advertising on electricity bills in Mumbai.