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Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Delhi

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Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Delhi

Do you seem for ways to increase your brand visibility via outdoor advertising? What’s the better way than Auto Rickshaw advertising medium to spread your business image to nook and corner of the city. Auto is a regularly utilized mode of transport which gives you more reason to promote your business through this medium.

Auto- Rickshaw Advertising in Delhi:

This outdoor advertising idea is gaining more prominence than compared to other old-age techniques like pamphlets, banners, free gifts, billboards because of its capability to be more localized and reach every edge of the city. Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Delhi has earned an immense reputation in the market as it is recognized as one of the most reputable means of advertising across Delhi.

Delhi is the capital city of India and is considered as the heart of the country. The city is well known for its rich culture and heritage. The population of Delhi is vast enough, which makes it a better place for auto rickshaw advertising. You can get the outcome or lead conversions in just a few weeks by advertising on an auto-rickshaw and shortly your business will flourish with inexpensive and exceptional advertising.

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Benefits of Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Delhi –

  • The ads posted on Auto Rickshaw is simply a mobile billboard that’s on the move throughout the day.
  • Another added advantage is that it’s a more affordable and efficient outdoor advertising medium.
  • Auto rickshaw covers at least 150 km per day.
  • The Cost per unique impression for the advertisement is less compared to any other media.
  • Autos are always on the go, and it spends nearly 10 hrs a day on the roads.

To advertise your business in an easy and effective method going on board, the best solution is Auto rickshaw advertising. By choosing a skilled and professional advertisement company like us, you don’t have to worry about anything as we have comprehensive information on how, when and where to do. To know more about our pricing plans, please reach us at +91 995384-7639