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Trivandrum Airport Branding

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Trivandrum Airport Branding. Kerala Airport advertising agency. How to advertise at Trivandrum Airport of Kerala in India

Trivandrum Airport Branding

Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, is among the list of 10 greenest cities in India.  A city known for its world class academic institution and technology centres such ISRO( Indian Space Research Organisation), has also been labelled as the ‘Best city to live’ in Kerala as per the  to a survey conducted by Times of India. Advertising at Trivandrum airport is certainly a smart move to make your brand visible as this airport has observed a footfall of approximately 4.4million passengers in the year 2017-2018.

The benefits if advertising at Trivandrum International airport:

  • Urban population: If your target audience is educated, decision makers and well informed consumers then advertising at Trivandrum airport is highly recommended. The travellers include businessmen, IT professionals, Medical professionals and Bio-Medical professionals. Advertising at Trivandrum airport will reach to the largest urban population.
  • Global Branding: As Trivandrum is both economically progressive and rich in heritage and culture, it is also the city that observes largest number of international tourists. Therefore, any brand that wishes to establish itself on a global level must take full advantage by advertising at Trivandrum airport.
  • Ad placement options: Trivandrum airport offer ample space for placing ads of various types and size. One can put up ads on luggage trolleys, lift doors or as big hoardings, banners and wall hangings at the waiting areas and parking lot.
  • Enhanced reach and visibility: Advertising at Trivandrum airport exposes your brand to both domestic and international audience. Be it professionals, tourists, foreign delegates or students, the brand message reach to a wider audience at one that leads to enhanced brand awareness and brand recall.

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Trivandrum airport is the first and the oldest airport of Kerala. The airport is also looking forward for expansion due to high footfall and has already acquired 18 acres of land to support the expansion of the airport.