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Ideal solutions for the promotion of brands

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The brand promotion aims at creating a need for the product. It can be referred to as a strategy to attract the public towards the brand by various methods like creating awareness of the product and thereby influencing the customers to use the product.  In short, it tries to increase the sales and revenue of the company dealing with the brand. In this article, the brand promotion services at Delhi Metro Station are being discussed briefly.

What are the brand promotion services required at Delhi metro stations?

There are 5 ways to promote a brand namely- public relations, personal selling, direct marketing, advertising, and sales promotion. A good brand promotion services provider ensures that all the methods mentioned above are utilized in bringing revenue to the company. The success of the promotional activities depends on the area selected. One of the ideal locations is advertising in metro stations.  Being the capital city, Delhi attracts more public than any other state. When the brand promotion methods and the area like Delhi metro stations are matched, it is evident that methods like personal selling, direct marketing, public relations, and sales promotion are not permitted inside the metro station.  Delhi metro station is exclusively meant for passengers and the working staff and any other people are restricted from entering the premises.  This rule is implemented throughout India.  The only option that will work out in metro stations is advertising.  The advertiser has to take certain permissions from the concerned authorities to advertise on the metro station premises.  All other brand promotion options can be implemented outside the premises.

Advertising of the brand can be done by:-

  • placing digital display boards or screens inside the metro station at entry or exit points;
  • by giving scrolling messages below the information providing display boards; and
  • by placing display boards near lifts or elevators.

What is the need for brand promotion services?

Every company has its internal system which deals with sales and marketing activity.  But sometimes, the services of a professional have to be taken to get better opportunities. Some of the benefits of engaging a brand promotion services are as follows:

  • Work efficiency: Brand promotion is an activity that has to be done with personal interest. Sometimes, due to work pressure, required concentration is not given to the concerned matter. In that case, a brand promotion services provider should be approached and the required assistance should be taken.
  • Launch of new products: Whenever a new product comes to the market, it has to be introduced to the customers properly ad perfectly. Professional and experienced staff of brand promotion service providers make all efforts to launch the new product in the market and ensure that the product sustains in the market.
  • Recognition of the brand: The main idea behind all brand promotions is to ensure that the customer recognizes the brand.  Even though there is no sales activity done immediately, a potential customer is created for future business requirements.
  • Competitive market: As there are many products with the same features, it is the branding or advertising that differentiates them. The better the advertisement of the product, the better the revenue and demand for the brand. Being experienced in the field, required strategies are implemented immediately, according to the market requirement.

Conclusion:  The choice of a good brand promotion services provider enhances the business and provides success.

Advertising Options of Indian Railway Stations

S. No.Ad Options on StationsCategory
1Hoardings Outdoor
4Audio AnnouncementsAudio/Video
5Train WrapTransit
6Ads inside TrainsTransit

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