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Ideal advertising options suitable for SpiceJet flights

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The means of communication have improved a lot due to the technology development. Now people prefer traveling by airplane due to lack of time.  Even the airplane service providers provide efficient service to the public which forces them to decide in their favor. SpiceJet is one such service provider.

Why SpiceJet flights are a good source for advertising?

SpiceJet flights are known for providing quality service at a low rate.  This efficiency has improved its business and at present operates 306 daily flights and travels to 41 different destinations (including domestic and international).  As people prefer it so much, it proves to be a good source for advertising.

Advertising options suitable for SpiceJet flights

The choice of the right option at the right location will do wonders.  Advertising on SpiceJet flights is a good opportunity for promoting the product/services.  Not all brands can be promoted on SpiceJet flights, so a careful analysis of the suitable option and the cost incurred in the process is always advisable. However, some of the common advertising options suitable for SpiceJet flights are as follows:

  • Boarding pass: A boarding pass is very essential for a passenger traveling through an airplane. Normally, the boarding pass will have the details of the passenger traveling by the respective airplane. As the backside of the boarding pass is blank it can be utilized for branding purposes.
  • Skyline panels: The panels in the airplane can be utilized for advertising. Some advertising posters can be stitched to the panels.  As these panels are located above the windows, passengers traveling through respective SpiceJet flights will view the advertisement. Since the lighting arrangement is already available in the airplane as a part of the infrastructure, skyline panels do not need extra lighting effects.
  • The backside of seat covers: Normally a SpiceJet flight has approximately 128 seats. Every seat is decorated with a fresh seat cover on the top of the seats.  The backside of such seat covers can be utilized for advertising.
  • Provide samples inside the flight: This is a good advertising option as the passengers will have the option of consuming the samples of the products provided.  Products like chocolates, dry fruits, etc., can be advertised through this option.
  • Branding on the exterior of the aircraft: This is the most expensive advertising option.  The branding of the product on the exterior of the aircraft has a 100% chance of attracting people- both the passengers and the crew of the aircraft. When advertising is done on the exterior of the aircraft, it creates a good and bold impact on the viewers.
  • Branding on the ladder: Normally, the passengers are supposed to climb the ladder to enter the airplane. So, this ladder can be utilized for advertising brands. The posters of the brand advertisements can be pasted on the ladder. Every time the passenger uses this ladder, there is a chance of viewing the advertisement.


There is a chance of an increase or decrease in advertising options based on the situation. The usage of too many advertising options may sometimes irritate the viewers.  Hence, a suitable advertising option can opt only after a proper analysis of the need of the hour.

Top Airline advertising options in India

Top Airline advertising options in India

Name Of AirlineMedia OptionsMonthly Passengers
IndiGo Airlines DomesticBoarding Pass, Meal Tray Branding, Boarding Ramp,52 Lakh
Air AsiaOverhead Luggage Bin, Meal Tray Branding, Inflight Announcement7 Lakh
Air IndiaSeat Back Branding, Boarding Pass, Head Rest Cover13 Lakh
SpiceJetSkyline Panels, Seat Back Branding, Boarding Pass, Head Rest Cover15 Lakh
Jet AirwaysInflight Sampling, Seat Back Branding11 Lakh

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