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Programmatic advertisement trends in 2022

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The task of an advertiser is continuous.  Hence, the process of finding new data collection and customer targeting methods has to be done at regular intervals.  Normally many advertisement agencies depend on third-party cookies for the customer’s data.  Getting data from third-party cookies will simplify the task of targeting the customer segment. Cookies do the job of tracker and are created as soon as the user browses the internet for some information. Information is tracked based on these cookies and passed on to the advertisers. Hence, the advertisers have to work only on the presentation of advertisements to the users.  However, the use of third-party cookies will be stopped in the future because it causes privacy and security issues as the data is collected with or without concern.  Since the third-party cookies are not used any longer, some of the methods mentioned below solve the issue of data collection and customer targeting.

  • Contextual targeting

    According to this trend, the advertiser analyses the content the user is browsing.  Based on the information, the advertiser targets the website rather than the personal information of the user.  The advertiser tries to make use of the website for his/her promotion activities. 

  • Consensual data collection methods

    Advertisers can make use of the information collected by conducting various surveys.  The information provided in the survey is the personal opinion of the individuals. Sometimes to get valuable information, advertisers may have to use the technique of providing incentives to the provider of information. 

  • Associate self with popular Ad tech companies

    Ad tech companies normally have their ways of collecting data.  When certain information is required to promote a product/services, the best solution is to associate self with a popular Ad Tech company. When such a method or trend is followed, some basic ethics have to be practiced to have a long-lasting relationship that is beneficial for both parties.

  • Implementing programmatic DOOH

    DOOH advertising is the best advertising technique that attracts the public.  But due to various unavoidable circumstances like COVID’19, many situations like strict lockdown implementation, distance maintenance, etc. have restricted the movement of the common public.  This has drastically affected the advertising sector.  However, since the situation is coming under control, advertising agencies have started working smartly. When a certain customer segment has to be targeted, it has to be done on a particular day and time.  This point is considered and DOOH advertising is planned accordingly. When things are planned and displayed at the right time and place, the respective customer segment can be targeted efficiently.

  • Display of advertisements on connected TVs

    The technology change has opened new doors to many players.  The increase in web-connected devices like game consoles, smart TVs, etc. has created an opportunity the advertisers to display advertisements even on connected TVs.  Since people have become addicted to Smart TVs they have started to prefer staying indoors and watching TVs for entertainment.  They are not prepared to move out of home even for shopping as online shopping is providing required services.  So advertisers can make use of this opportunity and display advertisements on connected devices.

  • Digital audio ads

    The choice for entertainment remains the same even today.  Though there Is a change in the technology of the construction of the devices, people still prefer listening to radios.  This provides a good opportunity for placing audio advertisements.  This covers and attracts a huge audience.

  • Video ads in smartphones

    As the usage of smartphones has increased, every individual prefers any sort of advertisement or promotional activity in form of a video. A video ad not only promotes the product but locks the attention of the viewer.

Conclusion: Every advertiser has to master the advertising technique to sustain in the market.  Hence an awareness of the trends popular will provide appropriate benefits to the advertiser.

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