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Latest innovative ad campaign: Everest Super coloured Roof’s idea to the adoption of colorful culture by providing amazing roofing solution

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Brand Building with Coloured roofs !!

Latest innovative ad campaign: Everest’s idea to the adoption of colorful culture by providing amazing roofing solution

“Everest Super” is another product of Everest which complements the colorful lifestyle of the rural India. The product is colourful fibre cement roofing sheets which are not only heat and water resistant but also available with non-corrosive features.

Everest Company which is a complete building solution provider launched its product Everest Super with the thought that why roofs shouldn’t be colorful like other things of life. Mihir Chitre, associate creative director of the company realized that today’s India is colored in everything from mobile covers to footwear, but roofs have always been an exception.

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Everest Super coloured Roofs !!

For reaching and finding the target audience for this innovative thought as well as product, the company used OOH advertising methods and found that rural areas liked it the most. The Company claims that these sheets are not only economical for users but also easy to fix along with promising low noise, and low heat. In this reference, Tejas Mehata, director account management added that after identifying the right audience for the innovative approach, communication automatically started with ad campaigns and these campaigns were very special.

Apart from this, the managing director of the company Mr. Shanghi said that he kept in mind how colours can enhance the look of roof and richness of the house and Everest Super is the most innovative product that can bring beauty to the roof. Also, he added that Everest Super is being the synonym and pride for today’s rural Indian culture. It was the first time in India that fibre cement roofs are adding the aesthetic look to the house with their coloured sheets at such economical prices.

Switch to colorful roofs and add a complimentary taste to your regular lifestyle!

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