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5 Ways to reach rural markets in India

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If you are bound by the belief that brand growth is solely feasible in the urban spaces of India, then you are well unaware of the shifting dynamics in rural India. After the digitization drive in India, the rural population of the country is also shifting towards consumerism. As a result, brands are redefining and reshaping their approach to the rural markets.

To make an indelible impact in the rural populace, the marketers and advertisers diligently conduct surveys. Needless to say, in a country like India which is known for its diversity, rural branding is not easy. Culture, demographics, and socio-political factors vary widely with every 100 kilometers. In such a case, being a brand name that is synonymous with rural India could be quite difficult.

How to plan a rural outreach strategy for your brand?

Intricate planning and an effective rural marketing strategy would help your brand flourish in rural spaces. Catching the essence of rural life and building brand trust are the keys to fetch attention in the rural sector. Along with these strategies, the following five ways are also extremely significant for promoting your brand:

1. Advertisements through wall paints: As quaint as it sounds, this still remains the most effective option for rural branding. The wall painting design is decided upon by the marketer/advertiser. It is then handed over to a local artist to complete the artwork of the layout. While technological advancements are ruling the advertising world in the cities, the rural spaces of the country still love to dwell in simplicity and traditional values. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that wall painting is the go-to option for brand promotion in rural areas. Thus, wall painting is one assured way of catching the attention of the village folk.

2. Kiosk setup: If you want to engage with one-on-one interactions with the villagers, kiosks set-up is one easy way to achieve so. Setting up kiosks in the popular areas of a village, like a post office, the market place, near a high school, etc. will attract their fancy. As a result, they will themselves be influenced to approach the kiosks out of their curiosity. Kiosk setups help you to have a detailed interaction with the probable consumers about the brand. This, in turn, helps in building a strong image of the brand among the villagers. Distributing leaflets and flyers, giving product/service demonstrations and samples go a long way in consolidating the brand outreach.

3. Mobile Van: Audio-visual medium works the best to create brand impressions. This could put to good use by opting for a mobile van for branding. Mobile vans do the task of propagating the image and message of the brand at several places in a village or even in several villages in a single day. Keeping leaflets, flyers, and product samples in the mobile van will further the brand image among the locals.

4. Mela events: The melas or the village fairs are the most anticipated events in a village. These melas are held in the various festivals that the locals observe and are red-letter day events in a village. Almost the whole village and the adjoining villages throng to these melas. So, setting up a stall in these fairs is a prudent way to win the attention of a village towards a brand.

5. Shop branding: Lastly, advertising your brand in and around the village shop will create an immediate response among the consumers. Shop branding in rural marketing is a strategy that corresponds to mall advertising in the cities. Advertising a brand in the close proximity of a retail outlet influences the customer to buy the product out of curiosity. Thus, shop branding has an instantaneous brand impact among the other forms of rural marketing.