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Airport Newspaper sticker insert advertising –                                       

Newspaper sticker advertising is one of the most efficient and convenient ways to target a mass of travellers in an airport. You can never go wrong with a traditional advertising medium like a newspaper. And since airports attract the most affluent section of society, investing in newspaper ads is a tried and tested method of generating brand recognition. Moreover, as newspapers are free services in an airport, passengers get the additional inclination to avail of the service. Thus, advertising in newspapers can be a convenient way to build brand recognition among international and domestic flyers around the clock.

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Newspaper advertising in airports can be carried out in two ways – newspaper sticker ads and newspaper insert ads. While newspaper sticker ads are pasted on the first page of the paper, newspaper insert ads come in between the main newspaper and its supplements. In addition, newspaper sticker ads are one of the most cost-effective options in invest in airport branding. Thus, through newspaper branding in airports, you will be able to make available an easily noticeable ad viewing experience for passengers with all-time accessibility.

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