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Airport Tarmac Coach Advertising-

Tarmac coach or airport buses are vehicles that are used to ferry passengers within an airport. As travelers spend somewhere between 7 to 15 minutes in a tarmac coach, tarmac coach advertising is an effective way of running an impressionable brand campaign. Tarmac coach advertising, therefore, offers an intimate space of brand interaction with the viewers as the passengers have fewer things to get distracted in a tarmac coach.

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The grab handles, which are around 25 to 30 in number, are covered in brand advertisements like stickers and posters. Static panels are other spaces in a tarmac coach where banners and posters of a brand can be advertised. In addition, there are digital screens in the tarmac coaches that display video advertisements of the brand periodically. Since the average daily footfall in a tarmac coach is more than 500, the scope of brand visibility is ample in a tarmac coach. As a result, brands swear by tarmac coaching for a reliable option in airport advertising.

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