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Airport Lounge Advertising – 

Airport lounge advertising is one of the most effective forms of airport advertising. Lounge seating areas are provided to the passengers by the airline companies. These areas offer comfortable seating arrangements, premium services and more ready access to customer service representatives. So, lounges are much quieter and more secluded spaces than the rest of the seating area in an airport. Passengers avail the lounge area service to experience a valued service during their travel.

So, advertising in the lounge area will provide a clutter-free viewing experience to the passengers. Passengers who avail of the airport lounge facility are generally more at ease. Therefore, they are more attentive to the surrounding advertising media. Also, as lounges exude a relaxing and classy vibe, they are the most appropriate spaces to advertise premium brand and services. In addition, they are ideal spaces to give the passengers exclusive access to the brand services and explore a more personalized approach to advertising.

Advertising in airport lounges is less intrusive in nature as they offer value-added services to passengers. For more details on airport lounge advertising, you can log on to or write to us at