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Looking Good Furniture opts for Elevator Branding in Bangalore

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Can Elevator Branding in Bangalore RWA’s help “Looking Good Furniture” increase their sales ?

Looking Good Furniture, an online furniture store recently launched its new campaign with unbelievable offers on luxury furniture in Bangalore.The placement of these RWA lift ads were done inside RWA apartment elevators making targeted advertising as the prime parameter that made the whole campaign really effective.

Elevator ads have usually found to be very effective and captivating as the brand gets the non diverted attention of the audience for the time period they are in the lifts. The campaign overall focused on promoting the Discounts offered by Looking Good Furniture on home furnishing and furniture, and the fact that these offers were lucrative and were placed at the right place at the right time would have made it absolutely on point.Promoting home furnishings in residential colonies definitely look like the appropriate thing to do.

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