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Elevator Advertisement in Bangalore and Cochin

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Elevator Advertisement in Bangalore and Cochin, Target salaried families in Bangalore and Cochin, Brand promotion, Bangalore advertisement in Apartments.

Concept of Micro Exhibitions is an innovative advertisement medium known as ‘Elevator Advertisement‘. This is one of the most unique and effective method of advertising for your product inside the elevators of residential apartment buildings. This advertising platform offers you a guaranteed branding and visibility which will ensure your engine to a successful business.


WHY ADVERTISE using “Elevator Advertisement” ?

Branding inside residential apartments located in and around Bangalore City.

100% visibility as it is used by all the residents at least four times a day.
Brand recalling on daily basis for entire month
Opportunity to change advertisement creative in 15 days
Visibility in high-end apartments with purchasing power families
Guaranteed return on investment
Photographs of advertisements placed in all elevators will be provided

Contact us at 9953847639 or email

We cater to around 10,000 upper class families settled in high-end apartments in Bangalore and Cochin city. Currently, we covered 70 percent of total niche apartments in city , we have around 5630 families in Bangalore and 4069 families in Cochin. We will be soon spreading all across the city covering 100 percent of majors apartments this year.

Size of the ad: 21cm Width X 28cm Height (One acrylic display board)


You can provide us with the soft copy of your advertisement. Printout will be taken (Full color) and it will be displayed in Acrylic boards in all the passenger elevators of the selected group of apartments. After displaying, photographs of the displayed advertisement will be emailed to you ( A sample has attached with this mail) All display boards advertisements can be replaced with new creatives every month.

Execution time : within 5 days after the receipt of the ad design.

With regards to the activation in these apartments , kindly go through the attached list and choose your preferred location and suitable date, duration so that we could work out the rates.


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