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SAGA – A new application for optimizing the Airport operations

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Mumbai Airport using real time tracking !!

A new application for optimizing the Airport operations

The Mumbai international airport has brought about a new scheme in reducing unnecessary lags observed at various centers including runway, check ins etc. This is done with the help of  SAGA ( Surface Awareness and Guidance at Airport) which is an application developed by ALTYS Technologies of Toulouse, France for optimizing the various activities like takeoffs and landings in the airport. The system has been developed under four months of intense research in order to organize and schedule ground movement in order to reduce all kinds of delays.

This system computes and routes the total time taken by each aircraft for the landing, runaway and takeoffs processes. The data that is computed would be made available for a time period of ten years, this can be used for real-time screening of the aircraft and also critically examine the reasons for delays. This would help in determining the reasons for these delays and eliminating them. This plays a major role in improving the efficacy of the flow of operations and minimizing the travel time for passengers.

The software had been regularly updated to fit the needs of the organization. The system also works to retrieve the data from the aircraft parking, check-in times and if there is a lag or delay in any of the operations, the control room will be notified to check in to the matter and take the needed steps. In addition to real-time monitoring of the processes, they also share this information with other units like the management offices and the back end office units.

Mainly this system has been developed for reducing the congestion experienced by the airport, in dealing with a huge passenger base till the Navi Mumbai airport comes to operation. This system assists in critical scrutiny of traffic and formulation of plans in reducing delays.

How is SAGA helping “Mumbai international airport” ?

This interface helps in tracking the aircraft movements as well as other ground movements. They have several sensors that collect information about the takeoffs, landings and also the average speed of the aircraft and integrates it with the sustaining weather conditions in order to ensure a safe and efficient travel, making it easier to react during emergency situations. SAGA helps in controlling and monitoring the traffic experienced during peak hours. The software has been on a test from November but was implemented for use by April. A total of five antennas were located to capture aircraft movements. This system has helped reduce the queries from various airlines regarding their aircraft movements as they can themselves check movements and make decisions.

One of the main advantages of the software is that, all information regarding the aircrafts will be available for a year, so if the authorities can scan and check if the delay was due to any airport infrastructure issue and rectify in the case of genuine concern and these can also reduce the false accusations on the airport infrastructure by airlines for delays.

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