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Spotify is a leader when it comes to audio apps. The high-quality streaming services for music and podcasting offered by this platform is unmatched. Taking a step further to make its service even more dynamic and engaging, Spotify has announced the acquisition of another master of its own skill, Sonantic. Sonantic is an acclaimed AI voice platform, rendering realistic, stimulating and compelling voice to the entertainment industry.

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Sonantic is London-based artificial intelligence voice platform. The platform excels in enabling stunning voice from text and enhancing the overall experience for users. Spotify recognized the ability of AI voice adaptation to engage users especially when they are not looking at the screen like when driving, cooking or working on other apps. To bring this dynamic facility on board, it acquired the finest AI voice platform, SONANTIC which offers realistic, emotional, stimulating for games and other entertainment services.

SPOTIFY has acquired Sonantic to widen user engagement and to offer more personalized experience to its users. The audio giant is trying to tap on the unexplored opportunities through the power of voice.