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Advertising in Madurai International Airport

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Advertising in Madurai International Airport 

Madurai Airport:

Madurai International Airport is an airport serving the Madurai city and its surrounding districts in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the 32nd busiest airport in India accounting for passengers handled, also for 32nd most occupied for total aircraft movement. The airport is located near State Highway 37 about 12 km (7.5 mi) from the Madurai railway station. It was established in 1957.


The airport has two terminals, the old terminal and the new combined terminal. At present, the integrated terminal handles both international and domestic flights. The former terminus had been converted to a Cargo Terminal from 28 November 2017. Due to the exponential development of the airport in the past years, the government is planning to build separate domestic and international terminals.


Their master plan involves a cargo complex with two additional terminal buildings, expansion of the runway and extension of other facilities. The administration wants additional property for the same accompanying with an air traffic control tower and other amenities to cater to the increasing commuter movement.

Airports Authority of India (AAI) is contemplating to provide a new terminal building for Madurai International Airport given increased passenger traffic.

The airport has a count of 9500 Monthly Flights and a monthly footfall of 840000.

Madurai City:

Madurai is a colourful and active city, and it is commonly called Thoonga Nagaram, meaning the city that never rests, on account of the vibrant nightlife. It draws a considerable number of visitors from within the country and overseas. About 9,100,000 tourists have visited Madurai in 2010, including 524,000 immigrants. Madurai is now started to attract medical tourism also.

In terms of IT services, Madurai is getting more exposure compared to earlier. It is promoted as a tier II city for IT, and remarkable software companies have opened their offices in Madurai. A government agency of India, Software Technology Parks of India, has approved several such organisations to receive privileges under its national information technology development program.

The state government introduced two IT-based Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Madurai, and various IT companies have fully occupied these. HCL Technologies and Honeywell have their campuses in ELCOT IT Park in Madurai. It gives more reason to advertise here, as the IT professionals and Tourists make the massive crowd, that you can establish your brand via ads.


Benefits of Airport Advertising in Madurai

  • Broad Captive Audience: More than 55 million domestic and international travellers are commuting through airports in FY 2017.
  • Passenger Traffics Increases at Airports: Passenger traffics growing day by day at airports, and it has increased by 20% annually over the last five years.
  • Profoundly Cost Effective: The cost per thousand impressions to lead the same target group for the airports is 4 – 5 times cheaper than that at crucial other metro airports
  • Access to High-End Consumers: Airports can reach HNI clients who are the primary decision-makers and frequent flyers.


Thus, targeting an audience in Madurai is targeting potential customers from all over Tamil Nadu and other famous cities, This is what makes the town an Airport advertising utopia.