Advertising innovation providing livelihood: Wheels of Hope and Fortune

Outdoor Advertising innovation providing livelihood: Wheels of Hope and Fortune

The invention of three wheels could be such blessings; it was never a thought before. But the use of tricycle as an OOH advertisement tool became the earning of livelihood for the people like Bunty Singh who are facing challenges due to depressing traumatic effects in life.

Bunty Singh faced grief and depression after losing sensation in feet and disability to move the same. This unfortunate made him helpless but the ‘wheel of hope and fortune: tricycle’ knocked his door of hope and answered his quest of employment when he moved to Jaipur from Moradabad on the suggestion of his friends.

In Jaipur, he armed with the tricycle and hired for six months on informal contract by a private coaching institute in Lal Kothi of Jaipur. Having three wheels, this tricycle is paddled by using hands and available for free. He along with his friends earned a well amount of money to live his life normally. Other than this, this method of Outdoor Advertising didn’t create a hole in the pocket of owner’s institution.

Bunty Singh said that he gets the instruction on day to day basis for parking his tricycle at different places and advertise for the institute. On the other hand, owner of the coaching center said that this innovative idea is the cheapest business exposure that helps both the parties of the contract. Also, the location of the advertisement can be changed on real time basis over a phone call.

People who are in access of limited bodily mobility or lost control over bodily functions to some extent, tricycle become the second name of dignity livelihood and a vital source of earning. This opportunity (OOH Advertising) led to an employment source for unemployed and become a cheap advertising method for numerous organizations.


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