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Auto advertising agency in Delhi

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Auto advertising agency in Delhi, Delhi auto branding, Auto rickshaw branding company

Are you unaware of the scope and agency of auto advertising in Delhi? Have you been looking for a plausible advertising option but are terribly out of budget? If such is the case, auto advertising agencies in Delhi are there to help you in your time of dire need.

As you might already know, the auto service in Delhi is unmetered in nature and is amply found in well-known areas such as Rajpath Marg, Karol Bagh, Dwarka, Hauz Khas, etc. They run on a shared as well as on a booking basis. The dependability of the auto service in Delhi is super high which is why the daily commuters in the city rely on autos for their commute.

The popularity of auto advertising in Delhi is unparalleled. On a daily basis, more than 150000 autos ferry passengers all across the city. This provides a great opportunity for marketers to spread the word of the brand throughout the city. Not only does auto advertising provide the opportunity to indulge in local branding but it also provides citywide branding scope as well. As a matter of fact, as auto advertising falls in the unorganized advertising sector, the benefits of auto rickshaw branding in Delhi can be plentiful.

Advantages of Auto Advertising in Delhi:

  1. Pan-city brand marketing: Since autos ply throughout the length and breadth of the city, there is every chance that your brand message will be carried forward to every nook and cranny of the city. Autos even have the advantage of venturing to the remotest parts of the city. Therefore, through auto advertising, you can be well-assured that you will create brand impressions in the suburbs of the city as well.
  2. The most cost-effective brand advertising option: The rate of the branding on the backside of the auto-rickshaw is well under 200 INR per auto and that of the auto hood is under 600 INR per auto. The auto hood branding guarantees greater brand viewership as the ad of your brand will be pasted on the three sides of the auto and on the rectangular upper side. This means that bulk advertising in autos is very much possible because of the pocket-friendly rates. So, by booking several autos simultaneously for your brand promotion, the brand image will travel to every corner of the city without you having to burn a hole in your pocket. So to sum it all up, geo-targeting of branding has never been this easy within a limited budget.
  3. The flexibility of the ad duration: As auto advertising is an unorganized sector in the advertising world, there is no said duration for any ad campaign. This means the ad of your brand would be able to stay pasted on the autos in Delhi until they get replaced by another ad or they get damaged. That is to say, a duration of auto branding could last somewhere between a few weeks to several months.

Therefore, auto branding ad agencies provide an economical approach to increase the local and regional outreach of a brand in Delhi NCR.

Auto Advertising Rates / Cost in Delhi / Mumbai / Bengaluru / Chennai / Kolkata –


Minimum No of Autos

Auto Advertising Cost


₹ 470



₹ 550



₹ 150



₹ 475



₹ 680



₹ 550



₹ 585



₹ 520