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Advertising on Kannada websites and mobile ad platform

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Advertising on Kannada Websites and Mobile Ad platform. How to advertising on Kannada specific audience websites.Top Kannada Websites,Kannada Mobile Ads.

Advertising on Kannada websites and mobile ad platform:

Mobile and website ad platform is an advertising space used bymarketing agencies or business owners to display their ads. This typically happens by purchasing an ad spot in a mobile website or an app and used by the owners to promote their brand.

To place your ads, you need to reach out to advertising agencies and set up a campaign plan with a notable duration.

These platforms operate two-ways. They enable publishers to sell ads (and earn advertisement revenue) and allow business people to serve ads to possible customers and showcase their brand.

How does advertising on mobile ad platform work?

You can promote your business on Kannada websites and apps that entertain people every day. Ads are now placed and made to run seamlessly in all the smartphones over India.

Whether if you want to opt-in for an in-app promotion of branded challenges or display marketing ads in websites, it offers the opportunity to speak to a modern and involved target group and present your brand in a unique environment.

Mobile Apps are frequently always-on, gathering valuable data such as location, information records, social circles, and browsing decisions. In several ways, this data is the lifeblood of the mobile app ecosystem: not only can it be combined to deliver astonishingly informative, relevant, and delightful experiences for mobile and website users, but it can contribute value to mobile promoters to help kindle their brand.

List of top 10 websites in India

WebsitesDaily Time on SiteTotal Sites Linking In








What do the most reliable website and mobile ad platforms possess in common?

Regardless of the ad sample available, the best mobile or website ad programs have the following characteristic:

  • It possesses an extensive catalogue of possible ad placements
  • You can know the advanced analytics and targeting methods.
  • Admittance to a Local Karnataka market
  • Mobile support on all of the big working systems.

As an advertiser, an extensive catalogue is a requirement. This enables you to choose the ad positions (e.g. search ads, display ads, in-app ads, etc.) that make sense for your business.

Another must-have characteristic is analytics and targeting. Without possessing a clear idea of who views your ad and which ads function best, mobile and website ads are a waste of time and money. Key metrics include CPC or CPM, CTR the total number of lead,

How can the advertisers select the right mobile ad platform?

The essential criteria when determining the right ad program recognizes, which is your customer persona is and creating the ad accordingly.

  • Where do they spend their time mostly?
  • What mobile devices do they use?
  • How do they search for solutions to their pain points?

You should find answers to all of these questions before deciding on a specific platform.

How MyHoardings Can Help Your mobile ad campaign in Karnataka ? 

We at MyHoardings is an expert in this field, who will be with you in the thorough process of planning your campaign and help you grow your business by placing striking ads. We encourage you to get more significant ROI and scalability to make your brand campaign an absolute success.

Top 5 Social Media Network in India

Social Media NameTraffic (Active Users)Category
Facebook2.7 BillionSocial Media
YouTube2 BillionVideo
Instagram1.16 BillionSocial Media
LinkedIn766 MillionProfessional
Twitter330 MillionSocial Media