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Voot App Advertising: The platform to reach one and all!

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The most substantial way to reach your target audience in the world of digital devises is none other than the apps in this digital age. Apps help the brands to reach a defined set of audience as through app information the brands can segment their audience in various categories such as age, gender, city and buying behavior. To make app branding work for your advantage, selection of mobile app and execution of ads on the app needs proper planning. Voot app is a prime OTT (Over-the-top) video streaming app. As it is available for all devices such as smart T.V, smart phones and desktop, the app is an appropriate platform to reach millions of users through a single channel.

More about Voot App:

  • Voot App is a popular video on demand platform as well as over-the –top streaming service provider.
  • It has 100 million monthly active users.
  • It is available in various regional languages of India such as Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Kannad, Telgu and English.
  • It is available in India, United States and United Kingdom.
  • The app hosts 40,000 hours of video content.
  • Paid subscribers can exclusive watch Voot original series and other content a day before unpaid subscribers through the Voot Select service.


How does Voot app advertising works?

Through Voot advertising the brands can select multiple platforms to showcase their ads to different set of audience. Voot app and Voot website allow brands to disseminate their brand message to the choice of their audience through various ad formats like banner ads, video ads, CTV ads etc. The rate of advertising an ad on the Voot app depends upon the format of the ad, duration of the ad, platform used for the ad (website or TV or app) and time of the ad.

Let’s look into different types of ad available for advertising with Voot:

  1. Banner ads: They are the most popular form of ads as they are short, crisp and eye-catching ads. They appear in a rectangular shape with a call to action message. Once the user clicks the ad, they are redirected to the brand’s website.
  2. Video ads: Another popular form of Voot app advertising is the video ad advertising. The video ads are interactive as they have both moving image and audio. However, there can be two forms of video ads-one that can be skipped through ‘skip-ad’ tab while other cannot be skipped. The ads that cannot be skipped often give users some motivation to view the ad- like a reward, discount, free gift or free episode. These ads can be placed pre-roll (at the beginning) or mid-roll (in –between) the live or streaming content of the Voot app.
  3. CTV add: Connected TV ads popular as CTV ads utilize smart TV for displaying the ads. The CTV ads are the ads displayed on OTT devices and smart TVs for audience that enjoy big screen viewing instead of phone for entertainment purposes.
  4. Catalogue sale on Voot App: To make shopping an easy process, the Voot app combine a right mix of video, display ads and product available for sale to give its users an interactive shopping experience within the app itself.

Voot app advertising Rates:

App advertising rates depend on various factors such as:

  • Media ad format chosen
  • Number of days of the ad run
  • Duration of the ad

What are the benefits of Voot app advertising?

Voot app advertising helps the brands in following ways:

  • The brand message reaches multiple audience through a single app as it is available in at various platforms such as website, smart TV, smart phone and other smart devices.
  • The brand can target segmented audience as the Voot app serves entertainment content for all age groups such as kids, adults and elderly people.
  • Through Voot app the advertisers can reach people with different economic backgrounds and buying capacity. For instance- only the viewers with paid membership can get access to Voot select while other can only access Voot app. Therefore, brands can choose whether they wish to put up the ads on Voot select content to target specific audience or they wish to target mass audience through simple Voot app advertising.
  • Brands can target different ethnic groups by advertising in various languages through Voot app as the app is available in eight different regional languages.

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