Sat. Oct 24th, 2020


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Citibank promoting 100% Free Zomato Gold Membership with advertising in ‘ITPL Tech Park’s Food court’

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Bangalore Tech park advertising,ITPL Bangalore,Food Court Advertising,Corporate Office Branding.

Bengaluru Tech Parks provide targeted audience to Citibank, promoting 100% Free Zomato Gold Membership in ITPL !!

International Tech Park is a technology park located in Whitefield Bangalore, it is commonly known as ITPL or ITPB. It is a large landscape comprising mainly office spaces like HCL, GE, Conduent, Vodafone, Xerox, Medtronic, Oracle, Perot systems, Applied materials, Dell, TCS,  Bally Technologies, Chrysler, General Motors. Advertising in places like these has become quite popular, as it becomes really easy to reach out to audiences like working professionals , daily office goers that are the decision makers and can choose for themselves.

The marketing signage and hoardings can be placed at many places in the IT parks including lobby area, lifts, elevators, parking spaces, common areas,  cycle stands and even food courts. While each of the place is equally visible  and effective but some great advertisement that have a high returns are seen in the food courts.

Tech park advertising,ITPL Bangalore,Food Court Advertising,Corporate Office Branding

Food court ads are basically seen to be more effective as that is a place where people go when they plan to relax. People go to food courts usually in groups with an open mind and the effect of the advertising is left on them for a longer duration.

Recently, a Citibank ad that offers 100% Free Zomato Gold Membership was seen in ITPB food court area. This seems to be the most appropriate thing to do as a financial sector ad like a bank or financial institute can never go wrong when placed in IT parks.Tech park advertising in Bangalore, that too in a food court where the primary thought in a person mind is mostly going to be Food, advertising about 100% Free Zomato gold membership can definitely  be the one of the main reasons of a higher Return ROI.

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